Tesla Model 3: said, the future is not far off!


Finally! 2 years of waiting and it finally came! Let us rejoice for the triumph of technical progress and alternative life on wheels!

New Tesla Model 3 will be released before the end of 2017 and will cost $35000. This is almost three times cheaper than the older model Tesla Model S. the people’s electric car with autopilot. Many thought that he would not live to see this day.

His Majesty Elon Musk, the man who salute everything except the oil, said that this is the affordable electric car that he wanted to create from the beginning, but «technologies require multiple iterations until you can make them affordable and mass».

What can you say about the internal and external decoration of cars. It’s terribly minimalistic. Everything from panels and ending with the radiator grille, which is not, is one big hymn to minimalism. But it’s not greedy, greedy and cheap, minimalist, like the Jewish grandmother and the technology of the future. Of course, inside is waiting for a lot more surprises than the outside. For example, in the cabin there are no buttons. Previous models they are not pampered, but they’re not here at all, except for the buttons window. Guys correctly decided that the usual location and the reflexes developed over the years, not need to cancel. In the end, so convenient. In addition to these buttons, only the wheel and the large panel through which you manage the organism the name of the future.

Salon Model 3 designed for five passengers. No car this size, the engine does not have as large internal space.

Externally, the car looks very stylish and aggressive. Call her ugly language is not rotated.


As already mentioned, the autopilot included in the basic package, i.e. it is not a privilege of a business class, but available to all self-indulgence. In addition, the new beauty is assembled on a new chassis and equipped with a safety system, able to score 5 stars in all crash tests.

Model 3 will accelerate to 100 km/h in 6 seconds. One battery charge should be enough for 300 km. It is the standards of the 90s, but much better than the same Chevy Bolt – a direct competitor in the market of electric cars.

The most important thing in this car is definitely the battery. They say that without the EQ the chaise will extend 300 km. But if you have money, you can buy a tougher variation.

2018 Musk plans to sell 1.5 million cars a year. According to the company, in the first hours after the presentation has received more than 100 thousand previous orders. Now their number is steadily hovering around 1150000 people. This is very much much more than a place, say, for Mercedes Benz C-class. The only thing you need to make a Deposit of $1000 and wait for 18 months. But perhaps it’s worth it.By the way, about money. $35000 is very basic. To change and to Supplement it as long as enough imagination you have, and the skill of the engineers Tesla. However, even the most fierce and flawless supermodel is not going to cost 75000 the evergreen, as its predecessor; and updated transmission options, and the battery will not cost as Botswana.

Model 3 will not be the first «almost» affordable electric vehicle on the market. The market already has a number of available electric vehicles, including the Volkswagen e-Golf, Ford Focus Electric and Nissan Leaf. For example, the same Chevy Bolt will be released a year early – in 2016. Not that GM was heavily overshadowed by Tesla, but will compete. However, competition is always a plus for everyone.

In the Tesla series may appear more affordable machines. Model 3 is the sedan. But recently, Tesla started to sell very, very expensive Model X crossover is at the peak of popularity of crossovers, so can appear and Model Y, which was mentioned by Elon Musk in one of his tweets, but was immediately removed.

The only issue of concern after listening to: will be in demand this chaise in our country? Since electric cars are treated with suspicion, and the conditions to feed the machine in the middle of a long road, we have a little bit. Even the famous autosimilar Eric how to check engine temperature, despite the fact that recognized master Mask «Oh..receding dude», and «Tesla» is a very good machine, had to admit that she is not suitable for our roads.

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