Terry Richardson is an asshole with a camera at the ready

Terry Richardson

Have you ever wondered what would become of you, you born in some other place, some other time? For example, if you five years did not sit with their pantyhose on the pot in his garden, and, say, run in the same red tights Woodstock? What would you grew? I know. Cool photographer. Like Terry Richardson.

With such a biography was impossible not to become cool dude. Judge for yourself. He was born in 1965 in new York, and his parents were photographers. Father photographed for a fashion magazine after graduating from art school, where he studied with Andy Warhol and his mother first danced in the clubs, and then also started taking pictures. When Terry was only five, his parents divorced, the boy lived with his mother, but she decided not to suffer in vain, and to go to Woodstock.

And here five-year-old boy was in the heart of the counterculture of the seventies. This guy spent four years breaking among furry cold sweat and painted in all colors of the rainbow punks, I saw all celebrities from American rock music in the Prime of youth, and absorbed everything that was opened before his eyes. They say that children are very receptive and that all core values are imparted to them under the age of 12 years. What can we say, if Richardson spent a third of that time, despite the smoke shoals of salasaca and virgins and listening to guitar music? He had no choice: it had to grow something, and then kick everyone’s ass. And raised.

In the same Woodstock Terry’s mother met with Jackie Lomax, the famous singer-songwriter of those times. They married and moved together under the table went in those years, Terry London.

Terry Richardson

Childhood Terry was saturated, even oversaturated. Star family, parents ‘ divorce, the constant exposure to unusual circumstances and society famous people could not pass for it completely — unfortunately, it is not only in good plan. Richardson became restless bully, he constantly fought and brutally beaten children, even older than themselves, although usually it is quite the opposite. A year and a half he was engaged in karate, has earned a green belt and beat everyone left and right. My parents decided that so business will not go, and took him away from sin to a therapist. It can be seen, right? So, one day his mother was driving on the highway to pick up the unlucky son of a reception was in an accident and for life remained bedridden. The boy at the time was only nine years old.

It would seem that a wealthy family can afford doctor and a nurse, and that there, a regiment of nurses in all colors and sizes, which the patient will change depending on his mood. It would seem, but Terry took care of his mother himself. Cruel child, you little shit banging all in a row, was a caring son, showed himself much better than many adults. The little boy did not panic, took himself in hand and began to live a new life.

Then the family returned to America, and Terry began the countercultural life of a normal teenager. He played in a punk band, and at 18 years, first picked up a camera and tried to take pictures. When they caught the eye of his father, he quarreled them to smithereens, and Richardson, Jr. in the hearts threw away his camera. However, after some time the father and son began to work together in new York and, according to Terry, was doing in those years of terrible photos. On the ground they fought all the time, and in the end is not spoken in two years. During this time, Terry Richardson became who he is now. Photographer with a great name, which has gained international recognition.

If I met him on the street, I would never have believed that this man is a talented photographer. Look at him: glasses, plaid shirt, frail in appearance — an ordinary loser with the face of a serial killer. But it makes usable pictures.

Terry Richardson

Why? For what-such merits all love him so much? What is special about his photographs? So I can’t tell you. First, Richardson has a deep affection for the cameras-cameras. He even uses them in photo shoots for major advertising campaigns. The result is pretty strange, I would say, very specific. The pictures we see of famous people: you, Rihanna, and the same Miley Cyrus and even Barack Obama’s own cernokostelecka person. Those, but not the same. It’s like we unexpectedly found them at home while they had fun and were unaware of our presence. As if we look their home albums, which keep only for myself and friends. This is what happens, we feel like friends with all these wonderful people, looking at the pictures of Richardson. And, we will not hide, it is pleasant to us.

What else catches his picture is his provocative. It is clear that it is very difficult to shock the audience — for this you need to either wear a dress of meat, or to ride with his little daughter on a skateboard — in a word, to do what the sane person in a head does not come. And Terry Richardson copes with this task perfectly. He makes models drinking milk straight from the cow’s udder, delicious to devour in front of the camera cucumber or even find unknown people on the street, brings them into the Studio and photographing the process of copulation. Not the most pleasant thing, but who says that this man wants to be nice? And indeed, it is difficult to understand what he really wants.

Terry Richardson Rihanna

Terry Richardson Obama

Terry Richardson Miley Cyrus

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