Terry Pratchett is one of the best writers of the satirical fantasy

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A long time ago when I was in school, my hands got the book «Legends». In fact, it was in two volumes, in which all the most famous writers of the fantastic and mystical fantasy sagas published their work. There was Stephen king with his «Dark Tower», Ann mackery with its «Pernem», Ursula Le GUIN and her «Mediterranean», George Martin «Song of ice and fire» and many other famous authors. All authors represented their works with the help of small stories from the lives of the characters of their worlds. Someone on the Westeros who Pernes, who the World, moved and Terry Pratchett with his story «the Sea and little fishes» represented the cycle of his works titled «the world is Flat». This is a short story at the time was terribly fascinated with me and took the soul. After some time I bought the first major work Pratchett. I loved it, I read the book in one breath and got a ton of fun. At the moment, «the world is Flat» — my favorite series of novels, and Pratchett is one of my favorite writers.

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Terry Pratchett, an English writer, who for nearly thirty years in the genre… a satirical fantasy. Because Pratchett is an officer of the order of the British Empire and a knight bachelor (the titles awarded him the Queen Elizabeth II for his contribution to the development of world and English literature), it is safe to say that not only is he a cool writer, but also quite famous. Stylistically Pratchett ideological successor of Douglas Adams, Monty Python and O. Henry, so if you like these writers, welcome to «the world is Flat».

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The Pratchett biography is quite remarkable. With 11 years, this steep and very erudite man showed great love for writing short stories and articles. He wrote for many publications, was a specialist in public relations three nuclear power plants and at the same time, decided to write the first of the satirical novels. «Strata» and «Dark side of the sun» like many critics, but sold very badly. Why? Because the eighties was the era of cheap fantasy in the spirit of Conan the barbarian. Festival the dominance of cheap fiction never liked, so he decided decent to make fun of the dying genre of fantasy and wrote my first novel from the series «the world is Flat» called «the Colour of magic». In this novel, Terry heartily mocked by the patterns of fantasy, over all its mighty wizards, brave heroes, powerful stuff and great warriors. In the book there is an adequate alternative to these cliches: inept wizard Rincewind, who knows only one spell, two national heroes who instead of saving decided to Rob the unfortunate Rincewind and his friend, the tourist, powerful thing in the face of a living chest with a will of its own and a great Cohen the barbarian, the old hero, who can not die, but is still a favorite of women, despite the fact that are suffering from arthritis, indigestion, hemorrhoids and other senile diseases. The story was a resounding success, and the Pratchett happy to continue the cycle.

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If you think that the cycle of Pratchett only about these characters, you’re wrong. «The world is flat» is a series of several cycles, United by the same characters. Each cycle raises various topics, parodies of different genres and has a certain charm. So if you don’t like one cycle, then you can always read something from the other.

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Flatland is a world that is on the back of a giant turtle, which has four elephants and a huge drive in the world. Where floating turtle, no one knows, but many scientists and philosophers of this world argue about and passionately trying to find a way to determine the sex of a turtle. This world has all the traditional fantasy races, magic, wizards and witches, but it’s all so original feature that and can not complain about, even if you really want.

Podzolov Flat world in quite a lot. Pratchett has created a huge landfill, where it can happily make fun of human morality, ways of building a civilization, progress, trolling the faithful and raise science, laugh at the gods and religions and welcome to pin up atheists (he, basically, just an atheist). In General, each subloop is laughing at something.

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Subloop about Rincewind mocks the clichés of the fantasy is less a favorite as I have and most fans of sir Pratchett. But others deserve special attention. Subloop about witches is a strong mockery of cheap tabloid mentality, cheap spirituality, human passions and characters. In a loop you can meet and subtle banter over the state over human society and other things. In the center of a cycle of two very old witches Esme vetrovec and the Gita egg that has an extraordinary prudence, the presence of a freaking magical powers, a rare sense of humor and the desire to intervene in human Affairs. Esme vetrovec is your favorite character the vast majority of people, as is Clint Eastwood in a black hood. And the cycle is quite funny.

My second favorite cycle is the cycle of Death. The fact that Death in a Flat world is a male skeleton with a scythe (he’s a follower of old traditions because of Death in other worlds long ago to move out of the agricultural equipment) and on a white horse with a silly nickname Pinky. Death, despite the lack of emotions, experiences great interest in the lives of people and tries to understand them. And yet he keeps trying to retire to do what you love: working at the local diner and feed the cats because they are the only beings that are in this situation can be happy. Delivers, first and foremost, Death. It is a phlegmatic, a rather charismatic character, who, despite his secret sympathy for the people who believes that in life there are only two good things: cats and sweet wine. And he says… HERE in THIS TEXT.

The third notable cycle is the cycle of «the Night watch» is a pretty good detective story about the most assorted team of the secret service. A mockery of national minorities (dwarfs, which make the sexual revolution on the contrary, their women shave their beards and wear dresses), on the problems of true patriotism, corruption, alcoholism, honesty and integrity in the face of Commander Vimes of the guard, who rose from the bottom, becoming the most respected member of the city. Although actually no less ridiculous cycle.

Of course, the novels to the cycles does not apply. Technical progress in a Flat world in the form of the advent of the Telegraph, cinema and the first newspaper, the problem of faith and religion, the problem of minority and majority — are interested in is available is set out in the books Pratchett.

Of course, since Terry is almost a classic, his book was filmed. In my opinion, a good released film «the Colour of magic» and the mini-series «going postal», the latter suggest to watch everyone. Every film Pratchett appears in a cameo role.

Unfortunately, Terry Pratchett has a rare form of Alzheimer’s disease: he was denied the center of the brain responsible for fine motor skills and memory. Terry agreed to euthanasia, and the last of his books written by his assistant dictation Pratchett. At the moment, his condition is getting worse, which is incredibly sad for me and his fans.

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