Terrible badger scares Schoolgirls


Little girls always awaken in us the emotion. Their passion as you want to protect. For example… from the terrible giant badger. Bite!

Little girls from the town of Folkestone, in the UK, fear like I’m afraid to go to school because her yard is worn huge badger. Badgers are by nature shy and come out only at night (so say fans of adult animals), this badger is definitely the original. He crawls out of his burrow in the time when girls are engaged in physical activity, and desperately chasing Schoolgirls Junior classes of lawns. Girls in shock, mothers scribbling letters to different departments to allow the shooting of badgers (badgers in Britain are protected), and cunning giant badger meanwhile trolls little girls.

Here’s a story. If we believed in reincarnation, I would be confident that badger was in a past life, a guy who was abused by girls, and now he’s out for revenge!

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