Termites feed on economy of India


Of course, in Russia we have problems with termites there. Problems have a lot, but with no termites. But in India, there are real problems with termites and their activities. And it’s not good.

The employees of the Bank Barabanki in Northern India, noticed that the money began to disappear somewhere. Dangerous criminals, who cleverly steal hard-earned money of Indian citizens? No, everything is much more prosaic and unpleasant: the money was eaten by termites…! A total of 10 000 000 rupees (which is more understandable money 119 000 pounds) was eaten by angry ants and partially dragged to his nest. A very unpleasant thing, man.

And it is not clear how they got there: the safe where cash is stored, upholstered in heavy pieces of iron of enormous thickness, and it is not something on which you need to save. But the tricky nature has found a gap in protection, then the builders of safes in India bad, but a huge amount of money was eaten.

Very sad indeed: one thing stolen, someone will need, and another thing — eaten.

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