Tequila: what it is and what to do with it?


If in the cold season suddenly wanted heat, sun and fun — need to drink tequila.

There is a common misconception that tequila is a cactus moonshine». Nothing of the sort! Tequila is made not because of cactus juice, and the juice of the agave plant, a perennial plant of the family amaryllidaceae, in appearance, resembles a large pineapple. Since ancient times the Aztecs were collected agave juice and spaziali it, getting pulque — an alcoholic drink with a strength of only 4-6 degrees, has a tonic effect. All the virtues of the drink, of course, was attributed to divine origin. Agave was identified with the goddess mayahuel, which according to legend was four hundred Breasts, and, accordingly, four children, and pulque — her son, God ome Tochtli. The Aztecs believed that their most important God, the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl, drew his divine power in fermented juice of the agave.


But, alas, neither gods nor miraculous drinks are unable to protect the Indians against the conquistadors. The Spaniards almost completely destroyed the ancient civilization, retaining only those certain attributes that are considered useful . Among them pulque — his soldiers of Cortes quickly learned to distill through primitive stills. So there was a mezcal, the first Agapova vodka.

Over time, technology improved. If the Indians were collecting juice of the agave through the longitudinal cuts in the bulbs, now began to collect the plants themselves, and subject them to special treatment. Collectors agave — jimadores — cut bulbs, each of which is 20-25 kg, and clean them from leaves. The cleaned bulbs are called Pinas. In the ground dig a pit, draped bottom with stones and make a fire. When the stones are warmed in a hole and put the pinnace and covered with earth. The Pinas are baked a few days, after which they are extracted from pits and crush the juice from them. The juice ferments for a few days, then begins the process of distillation. Mezcal regular (fortress 25 degrees) obtained after a single distillation, and tequila Refine (strength up to 55 degrees) — after the second distillation.


Pulque and mezcal, and in our days are the favorite drink of the Mexicans. Cheap pulque is served in special institutions — Pulcheria and drink it everything: women and the elderly, the poor and the rich. Mezcal also drink everywhere. A bottle of mezcal, in any case, its export version, can be easily recognized by the unusual sight. At the bottom of each bottle floats alcoholized caterpillar — «the grub Juanito». This resident of the agave plant serves as a kind of sign of quality of mezcal. During the life of the caterpillar is red, but in alcohol it quickly becomes colourless.


The bottle neck is tied a small bag of salt a red-brown color, which is supposed to lick after each SIP. The salt is usually coarse ground, mixed with dried and pounded into powder all the same worms Juanito». Experts say that this mix is extremely good for health.


Tequila is the name of a provincial Mexican town. In 1795, a local landowner don Cuervo received from the government permission for the production and sale of vino de mezcal tequila, that is mezcal from Tequila. Conducted the alcohol of a special type of agave, the blue agave. Things went well, and the descendants of don Cuervo has managed to improve the technology of preparation of the drink that in the end, he ceased to be similar to a traditional mezcal got its own name — tequila.


A hundred years about this drink didn’t know anything outside of Mexico, while in 1893 at the world exhibition in Chicago «mescalinum brandy tequila» was awarded a special prize. However, before the triumphant March of tequila in the world was still very far away.


In Mexico it is produced in small distilleries, and to talk about the quality standards was not necessary. In 50-ies of XX century, the Mexican government decided to restore order in the alcohol business and adopted a package of laws regulating the quality of tequila. This event has successfully coincided with a large influx of US investment. The Americans are happy to invest in the production of the beloved beverage. To the 70-th years of the twentieth century, the success of tequila was already evident. Sharply increased exports to Europe, and to mid-nineties, the tequila has reached and Russia.

Technology of production of tequila the agave distillate is usually diluted with alcohol, for example cane. According to Mexican law the agave distillate must be at least 51% — only in this case the drink can be called tequila.

However, there are varieties of tequila, consisting entirely of distillate and do not contain any contaminants, such as «blue agave 100%». They are the most prized by connoisseurs.

Tequila has a specific aroma and taste. But for a long time to savor this drink is not accepted. Drink it in one gulp to have more time for fun, because tequila is probably the most fun of all spirits, ideal for noisy crowded parties. And to organize the party with tequila, you need a little: the actual tequila, a little salt, a few merchants — and all the fun provided!

By the way, in Mexico, real macho, before you drink, say, «Hey, pesetas and DOS tetas!» Toast, frankly, not for hypocrites. It means: fireworks (so clear), peseta (i.e. money) and, a thousand pardons, Tits. Though perhaps this refers to the above-mentioned goddess mayahuel.

How to drink tequila?


In this case, can not do without a beautiful girl, preferably latina, which is in a horizontal position. On her stomach towards the navel poured a trail of salt. In the navel filled with tequila. Mouth girl a slice of lime.

1. A deep exhale.

2. Lick the salt.

3. To drink tequila.

4. Eat lime.


1. Lime juice (not lemon!) to instill in the hollow between thumb and forefinger. 2. Pour a little bit of salt.

3. Lick.

4. Drink in one gulp.

5. Eat lime.

If there was not girl, she did not agree to be ware, there are other ways how to drink tequila, and each method is good in its own way.

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