Ten horror movies for Halloween

Ten horror movies for Halloween

manygoodtips.com_28.10.2014_ZuvvAGYAigBQ8Dude, do you remember that at the end of this week celebrated Halloween becomes from year to year more and more popular in our country, despite bans senior officials who are trying to deprive us of the opportunity to have a little celebration of life, or rather death? Even if you’re not going to pretend to be Freddie in a nearby club, nobody will prevent you to feel the eerie atmosphere of this night when watching great films in the horror genre. Take your girlfriend, press play button and get under the blanket, because we have compiled a list of great horror movies, in which you’ll find not only the favorite representatives of the genre, but the films that you probably did not know before, but the ants, they cause no less.

1. «The haunting», 1963


Just want to note that the eponymous sequel to the 1999 release, which was saved from the inevitable and final failure of the young Catherine Zeta-Jones – a dull turd compared to this movie. So, black and white, no cool special effects, but this is the exception when fear causes the General atmosphere of the film than something specific. There are no bloodthirsty monsters suddenly popping out of the dark, but has great acting, depressing voltage and a classic story that is held in high esteem by every veteran of the genre: a group of researchers come to the house with «bad reputation, to face nose to nose with the paranormal and study them, if you’re lucky. And so, they find what you are looking for…

2. «Secrets of the old hotel», 2011


This film is definitely not up to the film adaptation of «1408» by Stephen king, but feedback is quite contradictory: from a loud «Huff» to the enthusiasm and doubts about the mental abilities of those who this film is just not able to understand. In General, take your time and do the output itself. This is another variation on the theme of «a haunted House»: a hotel that is supposedly haunted, is about to close, and two employees of this building decide to spend within its walls last night to try to find confirmation of the existence of the supernatural. In a promotional interview to the film’s Director, Ty West, said he did not intend to unravel the psychological and the fatal mystery of a hotel, but instead simply telling the audience a horror story without any explanations and clarifications. In any case, the choice is not particularly large either you like it or not.

3. «Paranormal activity», 2007


Don’t spit, were not executed, were say a word. Now forget the huge list of sequels to the first part, which is nothing but disappointment and regret about the time spent, to no avail. You must agree, the first part was really good! The leisurely course of events, without accumulation of unexpected sound effects, tells us about a young couple who moved into a new house and how they try to cope with the various manifestations of the paranormal. Plus an interesting relatively new approach: the evil power is not tied to place and to person. And about sequels forget like about the person who betrayed you.

4. «The orphanage», 2007


The producer of this film made by the infamous Guillermo del Toro, who gave us unforgettable hours in the company of «the Hobbit», «pan’s Labyrinth» and «Mom.» The film tells of a couple who moved to PERMANENT residence in an old orphanage hoping to bring it into order and turn it into a home for disabled children. Their young son easily makes friends with local children, but especially he was friends with his imaginary friend – Thomas. In the course of the narrative we learn about the secrets of these boys and the seekers, and nothing but sudden chills, and fear exposing this to us brings. The movie has elements of horror and he keeps in constant tension, but the story itself makes it truly scary.

5. «The spell», 2013


When hardened genre lovers say that modern cinema has nothing to surprise us and please, on the screens there is something truly worthy of attention. The film was shot and styled after the classic painting ’70s. You won’t find Gore, violence, sex and even foul language, but nevertheless in the States, the film was awarded an R rating, which receive pictures, containing large quantities of all of the above elements. Just because the film is really terrible.

6. «Through the horizon», 1997


In this film, enough violence, blood, and human drama, played out on the background of vast cosmic spaces. Team rescue spacecraft encounters near Neptune, the ship went missing seven years ago, thus creating an artificial black hole that swallowed the ship. But! A man-made piece of this magnitude has a significant side effect: for example, it is now a portal to a parallel dimension, where there is absolute chaos and gnashing of teeth, however, team members do not know. Though, most likely, the real horror is not the story itself and the external picture, and a feeling of absolute isolation, the awareness of hopelessness and struggle with their own demons that drag souls to hell. In the figurative and actual.

7. «Sacrificial face», 2013


Very strange film, which belong to the genre of mystical drama. Despite this Preface, the story will exceed all expectations, not what you’re waiting for. In the center of the picture – the life of an isolated forest communities, whose members worship the pit, rather, of the spirit that lives in it. The murderous spirit that requires regular human sacrifices. Sinister film with strong characters and interesting mythology will hardly leave you indifferent on the Eve of All Saints.

8. «Alien», 1979


Space slasher horror or science – a more precise definition for this timeless masterpiece than science fiction. The plot, familiar to us since childhood: space brigade catches a radio signal asking for assistance. Following instructions, they examine the source and take with you on Board of the stowaway. Animal fear rather is the fact that we do not see, though the appearance in the frame of the main ticketless stars not one harsh guy to be afraid of the dark.

9. «In the rooms», 2011


Viewing this picture will only take ten minutes, during which you will have time enough to see a lot of nasty characters with medical equipment and get pleasure from excellent soundtracks. In General, we will not spend on the description of the story longer than the story lasts. See and evaluate.

10. «Halloween», 1978


This film is like the icing on the cake, decorate and logically completes the list of paintings that are worthy of your attention. «Halloween» is considered a classic horror movie that had a huge impact on the whole genre in General. In 2006, the Library of Congress made it into the national registry of films labeled «having a cultural, historical or aesthetic significance». Many of the techniques and plot points used in «Halloween», eventually became a cliché in horror films and gave the impetus for the full development of this subgenre like slasher. Viewing a must!

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