Temptations: when to build itself from Jesus?

the temptation is to fightI like the Buddhists: normal guys, especially their understanding of temptation. Christos tell us that? Temptation, they say, is evil. Fight it, man, fight with him, or waiting for you Gehenna, which slowly and evenly to fry your ass immediately after death, and yet God does not get bored. Not very prospective.

What the Buddhists say? There is a temptation that bothers us and causes us suffering. In an attempt to overcome this suffering we must overcome temptation. Does not work? Then we can give. The main thing is not to worry. At the same time you can then in hell not to burn.

Which one can succumb to temptations and not to blame myself for that, and how better to resist it?

Skip the workout

And what, give myself a few days off. You can even for a week. If you are a serious athlete, three to four times a week, for six to eight weeks respite might even improve the results. After a rest will start to engage with a completely new program, and muscles will grow faster. During the holidays still don’t avoid exercise: light cardio like running and Cycling will keep the muscles in tone.

To eat chocolate in the afternoon

You want to have a bite, but chocolate cannot replace normal food. The level of sugar in your blood will increase dramatically, start to produce much insulin, and you will remain hungry, but with the extra calories. Instead take a protein bar or a granola bar, there were nuts and fruit: a perfect mix of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

In her diary

What are you actually trying to find? You probably already know about this. An unhealthy interest in her inner life and personal experiences, including attempts to hack into email and social media accounts, — signs of severe relationship problems. If you suspect that she’s got secrets from you, it only says that you, in turn, something kept from her. Better put down the diary and look for its owner to seriously talk to her. So act Mature people. Just don’t tell her that inspired you for this conversation.

Tell a friend, what’s his problem

Again, don’t want to hang out with Bob, because he behaves abominably when drunk? And do not be shy. Constructive criticism is an integral part of friendship. Here, in any case all will be good: he will take your words to heart and will change, or I’ll throw you to call.

Gossip about the boss

Be careful. Can give up the slack, but only in private with someone, the boss is also pretty fed up and who have something to say about it. This will ensure that your conversation will remain confidential. Never complain to people higher up the ladder, even if you think they agree with you: it is a violation of work ethics. Not Palis. The boss must trust subordinates — otherwise he throws.

Kachkovomu food

Somewhere I met the analogy of muscles and bath: they need water because it helps to synthesize protein. Dehydration causes the breakdown of protein. If your body receives enough moisture, eventually going to flaunt big muscles. You will help creatine and protein-carbohydrate supplements and protein powder — they plugged your bathroom.

To be absent from work

Sometimes we need time to store energy. How to understand that the time has come? For example, you basically like your job, but today you plunge into depression from having to go there. Call, tell the patient, but do not use this invention to shy away from difficult tasks: you will only fall behind for one day and you will feel worse. In this case, it would be much better if you will reward yourself after you do a great job. Without you the work will not be bent. You, of course, good, but still not enough.

To pee in the shower

I remember in school I was told that urine is sterile. She even cleaner water, right? You lied. Urine contains bacteria and viruses that you this simple way can reward other people. Though if you live alone, do what you want.

Sleep with your ex

You both want and you easily get each other. Forward! And then immediately stop. If this happens more than a couple of times, connect to business emotions — some your or her. When the former is now calling you a couple times a week, even if you just want to thank you for an awesome night, get it over with.

To tell the dude that his girlfriend was cheating on him

Unless it’s your best friend or family member: so, you’ve got it all right. If you know such a fact about the wife of a colleague or a distant friend, there are many questions, the answers to which you don’t know: maybe he knows? Maybe their marriage is just a formality for the sake of the children? Maybe they’re Swingers? But who knows what.

To inform you most unpleasant news, sit next to the dude and tell him you have him a serious conversation. Without proof don’t even bother. Be prepared that you will be accused of lying. The important thing is that you called to his soul the seed of doubt, and one day he will be forced to look facts in the face.

Send boss

You’d be wiping your ass your resume before you bring it to HR-Manager? Save your jokes for another occasion and stay serious: the boss is your ticket to the future. He has so much more opportunities than you. So if you send it, it will still knock you out — maybe in a different way. It may happen that the work in the same industry you will not take.

To sit all day in front of the TV

You deserve a break, but telly is not the same. Any visual activity fatigues the brain, and after watching TV you will feel tired. The best way to include interesting and put the remote away. When you want to change the channel, get up off the couch and… more don’t sit down.

Dinner hot wings

If you eat right all week, a little girnata on Friday — not so bad: for the belly and for the heart, and the whole. But on Saturday, will return to their normal routine, not to negate their previous efforts. Be careful if you wash down the wings with beer: alcohol removes from the body of water and stimulates the appetite.

Going to bed without brushing my teeth

You’re the one. You’re tired. You don’t want to brush your teeth. Go back to sleep. A good sleep will compensate you from not teeth. Occasionally you can.

To have sex with two women

You have to ask? Warn that most often expectations are not met. For this case find a friend with a girl that you can trust and with which neither of you is familiar close enough then by chance to meet. Before the start of the evening will agree that anyone can and can not do and how long you’ll be entertained. Be prepared that the response from a friend can be anyone: from disgust to utter oblivion about your loved one. Here’s more advice.


It is better to have for this occasion: a birthday, a promotion or again, the Threesome. Smoke a few cigars a year is not worse than twice a year to sit in a smoke-filled bar — no significant harm. But if you once quit Smoking, so you’re asking for trouble. High probability that I’ll start again.

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