Temperamental Phoebe Tonkin

Well, well, well… what have we here? Who’s the brunette with big eyes and plump lips? So harsh and simultaneously alluring look? Who’s the girl that makes our hearts each? Oh, it’s none other as the one Cleo from the TV series about mermaids of «H2O — just add water.» I don’t think you watched this soap Opera, we weren’t watching, but the rumors have reached us. As it was not there but this show is the place to be in the history of TV, and if there was shot so beautiful it is clearly not the worst. So, dude, you got a charming Australian model and actress Phoebe Tonkin.

From the early years of this temperamental brunette has participated in various theater productions, and then in 2006 she began her acting career on television in the series about which we told you above. The young actress, and to this day is removed in various American youth television series. Although the track record of roles, she still is not so great (well, what of her years), she is already a favorite of some Directors. Her striking appearance and acting skills, which she worked hard from early childhood, promised her a good career not only on television but also in cinema.

Actress Phoebe Tonkin definitely a budding star that will outshine its beauty and talent many of today’s Hollywood stars and not only. And we, man, will be happy her career, and hope to see her on screens and in magazines, and in our erotic dreams. Now, finish the talk and enjoy a small photoset of a young beauty.

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