Tell what is wi-fi in simple words

what is wi-fi

This word occurs at every step, every door in every cafe you can see the inscription Wi-fi, but we have no idea what it actually is but quite an obvious concept — wireless network. It is believed that the name comes from the abbreviation of Wireless Fidelity. So the answer to the question what is wi-fi the translation of this abbreviation is «high precision wireless data», but the majority of fans of various technical gadgets are sure that the Wi-Fi can not be translated, and is a reference to the name of the Association of manufacturers of computer equipment.

what is Wi Fi

Every network needs to have a hotspot and at least one client to connect to point. Some points stand for multiple connections to the network, and some only a couple. Cut some speed, and some distribute it evenly to all, not cutting speed. The principle of operation is that the access point gives network ID (which is called difficult and strange for the Humanities abbreviation (SSID). The network ID is a chain of signal packets transmitted at the speed of 0,1 M/bit.

Few know what is wi-fi there are some interesting facts about him

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The question of what wifi we have, like, replied, now a bit of facts to consolidate to you even understand something from all the great number of letters that we wrote above. Despite a huge spread in the Wi-Fi there are a number of significant drawbacks. The fact that such networks operate on the 2.4 GHz band and can be damaged (you’d be surprised) Bluetooth, radiation of microwave ovens and a lot of it, so when Wi-Fi drop suddenly with unknown reason, do not be surprised. In addition, in Russia there is a very unpleasant phenomenon — access point with power EIRP exceeding 100mW necessarily subject to certification. The encryption standard WEP extremely easy to break, so I used a WPA2 password. If necessary, use additional encryption of a VPN.

But what is wi-fi without the obvious things? Of course, he has plenty of useful qualities. For example, the communication standard allows to connect and mobile devices. The lack of cable is also a plus. The researchers note that the radiation from Wi-Fi when the data transfer is significantly safer output radiation from mobile phones. So have no fear. I hope that this complex and multi-text have you learned something useful and interesting.

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