Tell them «hi»: mini-knives


«Say Hello to my little friends» — I want to quote this phrase, the author of which I do not know. The usefulness of a knife in the campaign and by living there, only one bear Grylls, remember that quite successfully in such a set of gentlemen handled. A little less than useful in that it can be easily hidden in a very secluded place, he’s just useful in itself, and how? Dudes for a very reasonable price give the opportunity to buy one of the four small knives of different types. Then you and streamtable knives, and tanto, and two knives with an interesting blade shape. The producers promise the high quality steel and high quality materials the handle. The weight of the heavy knife does not exceed 50 grams and the length not more than two inches. If you order one knife in the included leather case with chain for easy carrying around the neck. The view is very nice, even the girl you can give.

The price of the kit Lil Friends — Mini Neck Knives — $ 60. The cost of one knife — $20.

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