Tell me man, how am I supposed to live?



Hey, man, all of my editors, who a few months favorite magazine. I without 5 days 23 years, and I have the feeling that soon it’s time to retire. I’ll try to explain everything in order.

I have two jobs. One of them I just love, not to feel thanks to her, shall we say, a social vegetable. We are talking about the profession of bartender. Plus communication, earnings and other… Other side of the coin is to work only on Fridays and Saturdays, at this time, I’m an interesting and funny guy who pours drinks and weighed a joke.

Monday-Friday, I – office plankton (after graduation). The worst thing is that I’m doing what I never wanted to face in life. I hate this job, but to retire and can’t, because as far as bullying in the office, which quickly cease and cause more irritation in my direction, added morality and mashulaville from parents who damn not listening to me and constantly impose their truth.

And finally my girlfriend…

The only ray of light in this Kingdom, that too fails as to private life often simply does not remain forces. Even though I try to be strict, strong man not afraid of anything, sometimes I just give up…

Tell me man, how am I supposed to live? Something to strive for, because I am, after all, still damn young and want to live life to the fullest. Maybe to throw all to hell?)) At least a small idea)

The answer

Dude, if you knew how much we love these lyrical digressions and declarations of love! We love you, too! This is absolutely sincere. If the following text seems hard or it would hurt – not obessud. We would like better.

So, you think you on the verge. But as said on the popular «philosophical» sites the Dalai Lama, «when a person thinks that everything goes awry in his life trying to enter something wonderful». Not comforting? Went on.

I will not be original, I will quote the name of the first album of the band «Valentin Strykalo»: «drop», and will start to tell you about the millions of sufferers, losing all the healthy juices in between the two works. And you know what’s weird? They somehow take themselves in hand work and even move up the career ladder. And it is the same as it happens: the higher the grade the fewer jokes, more respect, and tightly-clasped purse, opens the door to a world of relaxation and entertainment. Just pick yourself up, was Podolsko to go to work. Because people cattle are hardy, adaptable. Over time, the cast bar will be more rest, learn to enjoy life within the four walls. And the girl time. And if you are really serious, then take a vacation.

But is it right? You’re not the kind of life I wish. You also batters from the words of the office, and from the prospects to work all my life in this cesspool heartbeat quickens, her nostrils flare open and tears welling. Sitting behind a computer and pulls to the bar? And cocktail want to do yourself? But it does not. You do everything you can to keep a petty clerk.

You’re 23, like healthy forehead and he can already solve a lot. Parents are Holy, and to disappoint them is absolutely impossible. I don’t know your parents, but can’t figure out why the 23 year old is afraid of their morals. It’s still not the cry of the dragonborn, can survive. You’re an adult and he can dispose of his life. Prove it to your parents. Get that job that you like. Play on it, earn money, get on his feet. And then the parents will accept your choice or at least reconcile with him. Or are you afraid to step out of the comfort zone? Yes, the first time will be uncomfortable. And who is now easy? Anyway very soon the Institute will end, and it an excuse for laziness – it will be necessary to seek employment. And here is your girl, and everything will do you good hint that the time to lose a little. I want to live – learn to spin.

If your parents it is difficult to argue, it is necessary to act, to prove. Have a lot of work. Only one work will be loved, and the second hated. I don’t think your parents would kick you out of the house. In life you earn yourself, so fear of «losing money on dining room» either.

I’m truly sorry, because working 6 days a week hard. But you’re in luck: one of your classes gives you joy and happiness. And you have a wonderful girl who loves you with this fun chart life.

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