Telepathy: what do you think about this, the scientists the person can read the thoughts of others? Can he transfer his? I guess everyone has their own story of life, when it was possible to convince yourself that something like this in this world still exists. But even our own experience can not be assessed objectively. We can easily deceive ourselves. And when you start believing in telepathy, that the day is near, and when levitation becomes a reality for you and your favorite channel will be Ren-TV. However, «the truth is out there».

Speaking of telepathy seriously, there was not a single case is enough clear scientific evidence of this phenomenon. Overall, as a community of magicians and the scientific community agree that telepathy do only charlatans, or people who have convinced themselves of their abilities. Although attempts to justify this phenomenon date back hundreds of years ago.

For the first time the term appeared in 1882, thanks to Frederic Myers, one of the founders of the British Society for psychical research. Since the late nineteenth century experimented with telepathy, conducted in many countries of the world. Vanguard, of course, was Europe, the USA and the Soviet Union. Then, these studies have not considered pseudoscientific, as they are now. People really tried to find out, there is the possibility of reading minds at a distance, or not. Just imagine how this could facilitate the administration of the state, to identify political enemies, spies, and the like. Policy could become more predictable.

There are, of course, this is unhealthy, but in a sense the interesting thing as parapsychology. For parapsychologists interesting to watch as well, like the monkeys in the zoo. The main thing is not to become the monkey. But the spiritualists and other Gandalf still affect the consciousness of a large number of people. So, these dudes with a tambourine trying to describe telepathy with scientific positions, using pseudo-scientific terminology that sometimes misleads gullible people, in fact anything to do with science, this activity has not. But it’s easy to get lost, especially when they use words like latent, emotive, retrocognitive, precognitive, and intuitive telepathy.

The number of people who saw, heard or experienced «psychic phenomena», whatever it was, close to zero compared to the number of «experiments» which held a natural evolution during the existence of the species over billions of years. And if evolution could not «accumulate» telepathic signs, it means that there was nothing to accumulate, to sift and thickening.

Stanislaw LEMin General, research on this topic is unlikely to end. Which is sad, because research resources are wasted on this lot. For example, in the twentieth century, except for the notorious German «Ahnenerbe», the study of telepathy worked such outstanding scientists as Vladimir Bekhterev, and in the United States and all there was indeed a division in the exploration, which used the so-called psychic techniques to predict the future, to find terrorists or to predict the fall of the currency rates. Sounds crazy, but in a country where atheists, like it, one could hardly expect anything else.

From this we conclude that the request from society and political elites of different countries, telepathy is. For example, the Institute of the Rhine that is in the USA, does that makes a loud statement about what stuff, exactly like telepathy is real. However, the statement by the Executive Director of the centre of parapsychology of John Crotta is not much confidence in the more educated circles. Because this Institute has a sickly budget and its own evidence base. Which means absolutely nothing, because their statistics do not once had been subjected to serious criticism from the scientific community. But even in those years when the Rhine was still alive, he is sensitive about criticism of his completed work. Rhine considered himself primarily a scientist and claimed to have already spent hundreds of thousands of studies that prove extrasensory perception. Such opinion and such a position eventually inherited his Institute. One indication that Rhine and his colleagues did not understand their research, is the fact that they misinterpreted the statistics. Successful predictions are negated with the increase in the number of tests. That is, in our world it is perceived as a natural regression to the statistical average. But parapsychologists have interpreted this boredom of the subject and weakening abilities.

Parascientific representations are prevalent not only among the less educated part of society, but also among the cultural elite. The one that is busy producing the classical values of art and science. Moreover, it is the scientific elite stood at the end of the last century, at the origins of parapsychology of the iceberg of pseudoscience! Through the efforts of the elite in the second half of the twentieth century, parapsychology has acquired the external similarity of the division of natural Sciences. This shows that the emergence and existence of pseudo-science as a cultural phenomenon cannot be explained solely by the accessibility and attractiveness of the subject, the reasons are deeper and more varied.

L. N. Medvedevregarding the us intelligence, which we mentioned, their project was called «Stargate». The aim of the project – the military intelligence using paranormal abilities. Major ed Dames, for example, claims that his group found the place where bin Laden was hiding back in 2007 with the help of «remote-viewing». There is no doubt that in Russia, and modern, was for some time a division, which was also engaged in such military intelligence. And again, all this existed and exists in a world where the scientific substantiation should be the cornerstone in such matters. Ideally, of course. Now we just have what to watch all these amazing stories.

But if you still sure that you know how to read people’s thoughts as well as want to your first million, contact the organization Committee of the prize named after Harry Houdini. Skeptics will check your claim status wizard the most rational manner.

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