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manygoodtips.com_9.06.2015_0Zu6D0AY6j894Surely you’ve heard about the place from the 1984 TED conference in USA, which can be as ordinary people with ordinary but necessary professions (firefighter, economist, lawyer), and well-known personalities of science, politics and art. Among the speakers were Nobel laureates James Watson, Murray Glenn Mann, and former U.S. President bill Clinton. Missed the TED conference and is famous for its heroism or betrayal (as) Edward Snowden, however, visited it personally, and with the help of the computer.

So what is TED and why these conferences are generally held? The acronym stands for «Technology, entertainment and design». The organizers have set a goal to tell you about the original thought smart people about the problems they faced, and about the original solutions to the problems that these people use. Each lesson is laid out in a network absolutely free, and the event is under a non-commercial basis. Translation into other languages is carried out by volunteers, and we have engaged in this business good Studio Vert Dider. What would you have not been areas of interest, we are sure you will find something useful for yourself among the lectures of this conference. But I should warn you: people can be mistaken, and is primarily original thought or point of view of experts, prominent personalities, but not the ultimate truth.

I’ll give you some examples of interesting interventions.

Randall Munroe: Comics that ask «What if?»


Tough guy with comic book explains quite complex things. In the speech you will be able to understand why you even need the brain and how can you know what should not know. However, applying logic and observation, you can learn even classified information. Well, or at least as close to the correct answer.

Edward Snowden: Here’s how we refund Internet


Lecture directly to Snowden from Russia, with the help of a robot. Civil rights, freedom of information, freedom from surveillance and other important modern man things from one of the most controversial figures of recent years.

Nick Vujicic: Overcome despair

Motivational story from nick Vujcic which will help you to take another look at their problems and in some measure to reinforce confidence in their abilities. Vujicic is one of the most famous motivational speakers and the author at the moment, four books. Cool speech for those who think that all is lost.

Sam Harris: Science can answer moral questions


We are often faced with the fact that religious cults took full responsibility for the spiritual development of man. Whether they have competence in this area? It would be better to impose this obligation on science? Sam Harris, the famous American writer, expresses his point of view on this issue. Wonderful lecture.

Jared diamond On why societies collapse


Interesting lecture by Jared diamond, American evolutionary biologist and physiologist who set the problem of the death of civilizations. How and why this happens? Historical examples of extinction of peoples, environmental issues and much more.

Brian Cox: Why we need the explorers


Brian Cox is a British physicist, researcher at the Royal society of London, and a fighter for broader funding of scientific research and studies. In this lecture he cites a comparative analysis of the financing of this or that sphere of activities of the government. You can see a pretty interesting picture of the investment from the state budget on science and how negligible the costs.

Josh Kaufman: How to learn anything in 20 hours


You have little time and you want to learn something in a short period of time? Josh Kaufman tell you how to learn something new in 20 hours. Great tips for a guy who has no time, but there is a desire to develop.

Dan Gilbert: Why we make poor choices


Dan Gilbert – Chairman of Quicken Loans Inc and also owner of several sports clubs in the United States. The lecture will help you to avoid wrong decisions, which is very useful in our world, and indeed will explain to you the whole nature of the wrong decisions. And Dan Gilbert will tell you why playing the lottery, only fools.

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