Technology: what can we expect in the near future

It is too early to sum up the year, autumn has just begun, but we can certainly say that the year was rich in events. In Russia he was just crazy, and many do not want to discuss. But we are very encouraged by scientific and technological progress in the world. Scholars, aloof from the madness, decided to stir up his crowd, and made for this world just incredible things. For some part of humanity we’re not ashamed. Thanks to the technological advances that seemed fantastic, is gradually becoming a reality.

Next-generation robotics

Work became a daily occurrence even for you. You can see them on all sorts of technological exhibitions, you can see them on television, you can read about, and some even buy. When you look at the monstrous creatures of steel, which are used in the US army, I am surprised less and less. Still, there is something to admire. Imagine a world where robots can interact with people in terms of emotional communication, conversations about something completely unrelated, and maybe even sex. Robotics is now at a level that very soon many of us will be able to afford the prosthetics of the various parts of the body only in order to improve their characteristics. This is very real and, perhaps, someone brutally scary, but isn’t it cool that we will be able to see it with your own eyes?

Plastic recycling

Plastic, as you know, the biggest headache for any ecologist. It’s rubbish, which not only emit toxic substances, but also decomposes several centuries. In the oceans under the influence of currents for a long time, the garbage spots, which consist of plastic waste generated as a result of discharges from the densely populated coastal areas. The problem lies in the fact that many animals take plastic for plankton, toxic waste into the stomach and cause death.

The problem still does not beat our heads so much that each of us began to pay attention to it. But sooner or later it will happen. Now many researchers are busy with the issue of recycling plastic. And according to reports, many of them manage to find a way out. For example, Yan Bayens from the University of Warwick have devised a way in which plastic breaks down into initial monomers, and after the mixture is separated by distillation. The initial elements can be used in light industry, which makes the way of Bianca attractive to some investors. In General, I hope that in a couple of years, the mankind will learn to clean up the shit.

More precise genetic engineering

Anyone can agree that in genetic engineering there are still some risks. Not even risks and uncertainties. Uncertainty, as is known, always scared people. And that’s OK, because the unknown creates fear. But genetics is rapidly evolving as a scientific discipline. And every year it gets stronger, strengthens its position and confirms the hypothesis. see that genetic engineering is much more accurate than it was only a few years ago. And we hope that the distrust of it will soon disappear.

The development of production

3D printing has become one of the symbols of this era. Remember how it all began? We had the delight when for the first time, there was a gun that was created on a 3D printer. It was called «Liberator», and her drawings plastered all over the Internet. Now this technology is even more impressive. The last shit-kicking news in this area was: on a 3D printer printed a 3D printer. We would not be surprised that soon it will be possible to print yourself a dog.

Artificial intelligence

Gradually, the computers start to think like living beings. Moreover, it is necessary not only in order to brighten up you pastime on a day when no one to talk to. The fact that the industry also needs «thinking» machines that could evaluate the risks in the same way as it does people. This would not only increase productivity, but also to prevent injuries. Now artificial intelligence at the stage of conception, if I may say so, but futurists predict his full appearance in the near future.

Decentralization of production

If people can print on a 3D printer new 3D printers, it’s time to ask the question: what will happen to the monopolist from production? We now see the rise of local production in the future, it will only intensify, that will be the beginning of a new technological revolution. People will be able to organize its own production, hiring staff at least and spend the least money. In the future, large corporations will not disappear, but they are definitely noticeable to press private traders, because the world is becoming more decentralized and, hopefully, this trend will continue.

New meaning of drones

But this topic is widespread in almost every, even a small town. The drones – it’s fashion season means «tenths». They are now more used by the military and rightly so, because human life is far more precious. But soon the drones will be able to help not only them, but also rescue services, and just civil. Imagine pizza delivery to your house via drone? It’s cool and fast I guess. No you tubes and other trash. Russia is already a law that will regulate the movement of such aircraft. We sincerely hope that the event will not be prohibitive, and that is sad somehow.

Neural network

One of the most promising directions of development of it technologies is creating artificial neural networks that have many similarities with the work of the human brain. It’s not just algorithms that can locate or identify the main part of the photo. The neural network is able to paint pictures, to just amazing images. Not long ago, Google demonstratedhow it is possible. In General, it’s cool and a big step towards the development of artificial intelligence. But to touch it everyone can.

The digitization of the genome

You’re not surprised by the possibility of the complete DNA of a particular person. It has learned to do. But this technology is not used everywhere. Not yet being used. So why is it necessary? The digitization of the human genome immediately will strengthen the capabilities of medicine. Physicians will be able to analyze data, to provide for predisposition to serious illnesses. This will greatly facilitate the lives of many people and, of course, increase life expectancy and resistance to disease. Imagine that your family unit you receive the son, you take him to a DNA test, and the doctor determines that your child inclination, thereby notifying from the gravest of dangers.

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