Technology that can be our downfall. Part II

It seems to be nothing wrong with them, no, but on the other hand, I’m still scared. Of course, we can’t do without new technologies. It is clear that all must develop. Exactly what with them, our life will be much easier, but a coin always has two sides, and I must admit, these technologies reverse side gives a devastating smack to all mankind. This is the second part of the story about the technologies that, despite their potential, can the root to mow all mankind blue sphere called planet Earth. Beware with us.

Virtual prison discussing the possible technologies «Mental visualization» people often focus on virtual holidays, or even a virtual life. People discuss the potential of this venture, to load the mind with computers, duplicate information in the minds and even save a backup of ourselves.

People rarely discuss that potential for this kind of technology is in the world of crime and punishment, in particular the ability to manipulate time. What will it give us?

Virtual mind in a virtual world can change the time the way we want: we could spend a whole hour in one minute or stretch it to 30 years. We might be able to occupy the cell space and use valuable resources in real-time with benefit to themselves and mankind, but a criminal sentenced to 100 years, can do my time just a couple of hours.

Gene sequencing for pathogenic microorganisms

We live in a world where the instructions for creating a vaccine against avian influenza can be found in the public domain. It is obvious that in the pursuit of a cure for the deadly diseases good any methods. The more people survived after a wave of bad infection, the more workers, as you know. However, insidious viruses are not asleep. And yet in the secret laboratories wrapped in rubberized fabric biologists are developing a new vaccine, a bad gene mutates, it becomes more aquatic, elusive, like a hungry worm.

The development of the genome, of course, frightening, but no less a thrill is the thought that someone can exploit information intended for a noble use, in the artful purposes. Bird flu, for example, at present, is unlikely to get spread from person to person, but if someone, after studying the effectiveness of the vaccine will work my magic on the virus, bringing it to apocalyptic perfection, and then released in open access as a biological weapon, Oh, my friend, we’re screwed.


manygoodtips.com_30.04.2016_EP6S6Mr0dYsI4«Mind to mind» – one of those sci-Fi technologies that actually, maybe not so far from us as you might think. Many experts believe that, prior to its implementation and realization remains of some miserable 20 years, so most of us will live to see the notorious chip in his head.

In the near future technology will undoubtedly be in its infancy, but we still have to consider the consequences of opening our brains to the outside world. If the other person will be able to access your brain to send the message, because it can use your head and in the most nefarious purposes.

Well, you imagine in your head chip, and as any device information, it can be broken. No matter how, this can be a simple «brain spam» or absorption, the change of memories, emotions and values. And they may even break your chip in order to take you over in the most physical way. They say to kill the newly-minted Kennedy – you will be killed, not even knowing what they are doing. It’s like hypnosis, only not prove that he was under someone’s control.

And that’s just solitary hackers, imagine what would happen if this technology in their insidious ways will begin to use the power?

Machine consciousness

Needless to say that at some point in the distant future we will develop technology to such a state that will be able to give conscious computing. This, according to some, it would be extremely unethical. To volvulus unethical and even dangerous.

Creating machines that can mimic consciousness, is so complex a process that they seem to have begun to perceive thoughts and feelings at the same time. You can program a computer so he could communicate with you, to assess the mood to Express emotional support and even «recognize themselves in the mirror without realizing it actually.The conscious mind inside the computer is very cruel. For a start, we don’t know how the mind will react to the fact that it is enclosed inside the machine. We can’t even begin to fully describe what it means to realize that you’re human. And then the whole car.

Moreover, because of the progress of the first model will certainly be mental. Engineers, of course, will be justified, and that it was intended, but you have to be an idiot to deliberately create machines whose mind is identical with the mind mentally disabled people.

Then you need to answer the main question: why the hell we need a smart car? We already have vacuum cleaners that vacuum themselves, and other units that can perform the dirty work. Therefore, it is done for something unusual and certainly cruel. I watched «Terminator» and designing the plans of scientists to the pictures, I can openly admit to his fear.

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