Technology that can be our downfall. Part I

Poradi.s.ua_25.04.2016_r7M9ae9SIfGVtSometimes one gets the impression that iron March of technology and innovation does not stop. Defense industry and scientists can’t stop in inventing the means of mass murder.

The past has taught us that technological progress is always possible to use for human benefit. Remember just how many inventions were given to the world by the military. If a man could split the atom and create nuclear weapons, what is there to talk about nanobots. Some technologies simply life-threatening.

Many sci-Fi stories started with the fact that the valiant scientists using salt and matches, he had created something good, but then it went well downhill, and often led to casualties. Dr. Frankenstein wanted to create a specimen of human perfection, and instead created a monster. We don’t always know what features are bad until they happen. After all, when we make a fire, we can burn and can keep warm…

Such technologies

The idea of non-biological self-replicating longer new. John von Neumann proposed his concept of such a system in 1948. According to his plan, it was a machine that could use raw materials to build another version of itself and duplicate all the properties and functions of the initial prototype.

Sounds ominous: self-replicating machine of death, which, as a Stranger womb, climbs the new version. Only now in the days of von Neumann that was fantasy and dreams. At the level of the novels of Bradbury, but these days it almost became a reality.

Sounds it is tempting, and benefits, that is, on the face. The only problem is to transfer the powers, including legal, to create something a little simpler than we do.

Over these technologies because it is very easy to lose control, and even though machines themselves are not harmful or dangerous, rapid consumption of resources can lead us to the prophetic the end of work on Skynet.

The nanobots

manygoodtips.com_25.04.2016_EK8kBCF2WPehYIt can be argued that the increased level of automation of warfare will save many lives. Rivet themselves robots and drones, sat in a corner with a bottle of «Corona extra», in which the hanging lime, and look at how technology killed. Especially when attacking a swarm of nanobots, turning people starved to death without the use of the army.

However, there must be a limit, and she stop line which cannot be crossed.

Swarm technology in the 21st century, in fact, be the equivalent of a plague of locusts or use of biological weapons on the enemy. They can be used to block sunlight, destroy resources, communication – and all this without even touching the ground. But if skills in the preceding paragraph (replication), we get an awful mazibuko, which will destroy you and your mommy, not even touching the ground.

Let these bastards can’t shoot or bomb, they also can’t be turned off or taken prisoner and act more like an infectious disease than a weapon. Moreover, the main problem is that this terrible machine does not discriminate, it does what it was programmed to do.

Automated combat drones

The preservation of personnel – a thing which, unfortunately, thinking is not as often as I would like. However, combat drones, was created to ensure that soldiers supervised the murder weapon without risk to life. Remotely, sitting at a console and pushing buttons, he completely controls the process, time stopping and assessing the situation with the human eye. However, military technology gradually release the drones, which don’t need you. And then who takes responsibility for committing bloodshed, if not a pilot?

But the fact is that while the soldiers leave the battlefield, the main target civilians. The arena of work, which in addition to battles with their own kind, much pokerabout civilians. And a soulless machine, and tears will not catch him.

We do not claim that soldiers have to die. But the fact is that when operating machinery can be more than risky surgery, which reach the apotheosis of war (remember the picture of Vereshchagin). But whatever the soldiers fought, drone or bayonets, the result is the same – mountains of human skulls.

Warp drive

manygoodtips.com_25.04.2016_2jInhpSAGZy02In the depths of consciousness we are hoping for intergalactic travel. Unfortunately, the monstrous size of the galaxy restrict us, except that, to travel within the Solar system, to other parts of the galaxy need FTL missiles, which are not yet made.

FTL travel is impossible in linear space, but there is hope: warp drive – electromagnetic motor, in which there are no moving parts or combustion chamber. According to theoretical physicists, who developed the concept, the functioning of the engine occurs only due to interaction generated by the electromagnetic waves with the end plates of the waveguide in which they propagate.

So the hope is, of course, is. The main thing is to bend space and slip in a loophole towards new planets. But, as for evil, most recently made of physics, which warned that when you start warp engine, high energy particles that permeate the entire Universe, caught up in a warp field. It certainly does not prevent travelling, but there is very little side effect: released from his share can destroy entire star systems, and generate a new black hole. And the question is, we need it?

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