Teatro for Dayz: the car of the future

Car companies often like to shock the conservative public on the machines. Futuristic whim appear daily, especially when approaching the next mega-exhibition, where manufacturers will measure God knows what, to attract the attention of sponsors or potential customers. Although, maybe the new concept «cars of the future» appear, simply because of the chic and inserting the smokes, not because of marketing ideas or unique engineering solution. So this machine is like a brain hemorrhage.

Nissan, a Japanese company that usually hits the ground and makes a quality machine, I also decided to play this game. And something that they called Teatro for Dayz. The advantage of the machine is not in speed, power, horsepower – this in fact is not there – and not even in a futuristic design a La betmobil. The car looks disgusting, but it’s loaded with technology. The designers of this model, which will be presented to the public on 30 October at the Tokyo motor show, decided that the selfie generation has terrible taste, so they need a terrible car.

With this we agree. Don’t really want people taking pictures of myself 50 times a day, went to a good and quality cars that any Porsche. Let suffer with Teatro for Dayz – a «revolution» in the automotive industry. The focus of the concept car given to the information technologies. The interior and exterior of the car is covered with LED panels. The idea is that the machine is a kind of touch screen that should appeal to today’s youth that are suspended in the inst. Front panel, seats, rear panel – all screens. According to the authors, the owners of the car will be able to change the appearance of your car so any way they want. Screens are not only inside but also outside. Let’s say you want to paint a car in vulgar leopard-color – do what you want to do chairs «under the skin» – just tap on the screen and you choose the right «theme». Sort of convenient and unique, but something of the delight of this innovation is causing a little more than nothing.

It is reported that Nissan generation who never knew a world without the Internet, called «share natives» roughly «connected natives». We are talking about people who see the world through their tablets, smartphones and social networks. «Natives» to Express the feelings of simplified symbols – emoticons and prefer to only search in Wikipedia, if something is not there, then it’s not true. Nissan bitterly aware that interest in the cars these people have every year less, and therefore created the concept that allows you to drive the car, not looking up from the virtual world.

Oh, and according to the Canon of the genre, the car is an electric car. We worried about the state of the ozone layer of the planet. With LED panels you can check the battery level of the car, you are no buttons, levers and handles – air conditioning controlled by voice, like a tape recorder. And all the necessary driving information is displayed only while driving.

Frankly, it seems to us that this Japanese company is still a long time to work on the concept to get us to buy something. Design deserves a separate discussion, because the car like some kind of ugly relative to their peers. In addition, all these devices are damn distracting the driver and not allow him to concentrate on the road. This here is opinion, but let’s wait for the show, maybe it was all a joke.

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