Tearing claws when it’s time to move?

how to understand that it's time to moveIn the new year (I hope I write about it the last time over the next eleven months), it is necessary to bring to life its long and not very plans. For example, to move somewhere. How to understand what you’re up late and you have time, if you do not see any hints?

1. All you know

Can’t tell you how much this lifted me to my Siberian stay. Go to the covered electronic party — meet the default set of familiar soup. Go to the press conference — meet is another set of familiar soup, but the very fact that they are familiar to you already annoying. Wherever you walked, everywhere you know. In bars know your usual order. Nothing makes one think of the eternal stronger than the eternal repetition of the same, endless cycle once (and many times) seen.

2. When you hear about someone’s moving, you’re jealous

Some of the most famous faces and then disappear from your horizon. Where do they go? Of course, moving. Upon hearing this news, you immediately begin to wait for the accounts of these people in various social networks, look at the latest pictures and updates — and why? Jealous.

3. Your city seems to you dull

Everything you see there, you are not happy. From each place where you want to yawn. If someone calls you a local Museum, an amusement Park, you can’t even bring myself to politely smile. Maybe you’ve already burst into tirades of «I’m tired of this swamp, it’s always the same, I need air, all here p*Doras, one I d’artagnan». If you wait a little while, will be another negative — the same pain in the ass that no one wants to deal with.

4. You have never been outside their region

Here God himself commanded — at least for a week a change of scenery! From books and movies still can’t tell you everything. Tried to hang out with someone other than the capital of bloke? Seen always bustling southern dudes? Was friends with terse Siberians? People so much that people are so different!

5. You can’t take everything from their city

You live there, where the all-night parties, lots of museums and theatres? The buzz you if only you have time after your three works, without which you can’t pay the rent. Sooner or later, you’re still bored to grasp at any petty freelancing to get another five cents, without which it will collapse your budget. Nice to have the freedom of choice, but what does it serve, if you’re always yelling and not using it?

6. You can’t live as you like

You love to travel but can’t afford it, because almost your entire salary goes to rent. You like to party, but the local clubs suck. You love surfing, and nearby bodies of water only from lake Baikal and the Volga river, and half the year is cold. Looks like it’s time to change something.

7. What are your goals in life have changed

There are dudes who come to the capital to earn. One morning they Wake up and realize that they got the eternal traffic jams and crowds on the streets, which is why somewhere in a hurry. You should have enough courage to admit your purpose in life has changed. You can go further — this is not the final stop.

8. You have reached a career ceiling at the current position

Yes, it happens that you have nowhere to go. Let’s say you have a group and you live in some kind of Mound. You were already in all the clubs, you know the party is — and then what? Nothing, if you don’t hurry to the airport.

9. You expect that the past will come back to you

Do you like your city because it involves a lot. Magical College years — five years celebration. Great relationship — you were so good together! It was, Yes. But we cannot stand still and expect that the past will come running to you again — it is all the same what to let go of the balloon and hope the wind will be kind and produet it back to you. Not produet, man. It does not happen. It’s time to give up and go on his way.

10. You here nothing, hell, keep!

Old song: not getting any younger, and the older we get, the more responsibility we have. All friends moved? You work in a crappy job? Any prospects? It’s time to throw!

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