Talking about books William Burroughs

Was such a great writer, his name was William and his surname was burrows. We, one way or another, often mentioned him in their articles just because we like what he wrote. In his books you can find and crazy game, and the age-old wisdom. Text interesting to read in his youth, and being an old fart. Of course, this writer was bright, intense, saturated with all kinds of hallucinogens for life. He also loved big and healthy guns, and even mistakenly killed one of his wife. And, of course, William has influenced not only all sorts of Bohemians, writers, journalists, but also on American society as a whole. Thanks to his ideas the world has changed.

In Russia, his book was popular, too, and more recently, the interest in them again began to Mature. However, the administration of some cities of our vast and great refers to this interest with suspicion and withdraws the book of the Burroughs of the city’s libraries. This is the question of whether there is censorship in the country. The man who predicted the appearance of AIDS, and passed away safely at the end of the twentieth century, still has a mixed reputation. This happens with all the «geniuses» that happened with William.

We decided just to select a number of quotations from the works of this author, you to be sure that he was cool enough to be read by you today. Time, as shown by the books of Burroughs, a completely artificial thing. The problems faced by the society is not going away, and it looks like things get harder and crazier.

About lying

All governments are built on lies. All organizations built on lies. Lies can be harmless, like the lies about miracle drug methadone to relieve heroin addiction. (Still, sort of like gin takes a passion for whiskey.)

The last word

On the planet

The history of this planet is a history of idiocy, underlined a few morons who stand out from the crowd like geniuses.

The last word

About the law

What would happen if all the ignorant, stupid, hypocritical laws passed by the engorged whiskey lawmakers of different States, actually will be applied, but still with all Federal and city laws? If every businessman, neoplatyura one dollar of taxes will delay go to jail? If caught and going to jail, who violated the law on drugs? If you are detained and go to jail all offenders of laws prohibiting sex between adults is consensual? How many people would be behind bars?

The exterminator

On the need

Picture this. You’re a fish living in the pond, and the pond dries up. Need to mutate into a amphibian, but someone pestering you and persuades you to stay in the pond, they say, all right.

And the hippos boiled in their pools

About happiness

…by its very nature and purpose of planet Earth is the battlefield. Happiness is a by-product in the context of the battle: this is the fatal mistake of all utopians.

Space of dead roads

On «reasonableness»

He begins like this: «You seem like a reasonable person». (Always ominous words, my boy… Just hear them, do not delay, run, do out feet instantly.)

Naked lunch

About your price

Everyone is looking for you on the price tag determines what your advantage if you immediately apply for practical purposes.


About Hollywood

Hollywood is able to razyal human soul to pieces. There is no human dream, which Hollywood would not have been able to bring to the state a monstrous parody.

Western lands

About money

Something wrong is in the entire concept of money. Need more and more to buy less and less. Money is like heroin. Dose, which is suitable on Monday, is not suitable on Friday.

The exterminator

About Bolivia

…In Bolivia there is an area where there are no psychoses. Normal healthy people in these mountains lives. I’d like to get there, I’m telling you, until it was defaced by literacy, advertising, TV and cinema road.

Naked lunch

About Newspapers

..fake pictures much more real, because trying to make them look like real. Understand, all photos – fakes. The fraud begins from the moment when in your head there is the idea of the image. For example, in the newspaper published a photograph showing flooding in China. How do you know that it is a flood in China? How do you know that the photographer couldn’t capture that in my bathroom? How did you even know that in China, there was some flooding? Because you read about it in the papers.

Space of dead roads

On a sinking ship

You guys remind me of the old Jew from a Jewish joke… the ship is Sinking, and the steward knocks at the door of his cabin. «Mr. Solomon… the Ship is sinking». «And what do we care, because it does not belong to us».

Marina Saints

Well, of course…

Nothing is the truth. Everything is permitted.

Cities of the red night

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