Talented Director Werner Herzog

manygoodtips.com_17.09.2014_qMWVL2C17Y0sCMissed talented individuals? Say thank you to Thursday for that we might have the heading «Characters». Today, at the request of our readers we will introduce you to Werner Herzego — writer, Director, producer and many others. Old Werner had a lot to do to my 72 years. Well, you know, he’s one of those people who likes to succeed in what did not. Yes, he is. And you need to take his example, if you want to be as popular.

But we’re still not about you but about talented Werner. As he came into the world of cinema? He’s never had a child to wander behind the scenes of some of the filming, and its implementation in the cinema, it can be said, pure coincidence. In adolescence he got his hands on an encyclopedia of cinematic art which he had studied from cover to cover. Of course, immediately after that he didn’t shoot masterpieces, but somehow just realized that it’s his business and that he will associate with the movie of your life. Childhood dream, you say. Maybe, but he still managed to bring it to life.

«People are gifted to come together easily. This is mediocre – hard».As a child, Herzog was steeped in the realization of something global. After all, he grew up in a time when it flourished and expanded, the Second world war. Parents Werner was forced to wander with the child from one house to another, as they literally chased danger. Finally, when the future Director was 12 years old, he and his mother returned to their home in Munich.

Work.kom.ua_17.09.2014_MUhvpK6MpXTTNAfter the little family found a home and re-settled in the city, Werner began to study the new situation and meeting the locals. After some time he met a roommate, a mentally unstable actor Klaus Kinski, who later appeared in several of his films and left their indelible imprint in his work.

Herzog gave to a music school where he loved going out, but exactly to the day, until he was asked to sing in front of the class. Werner rudely refused, after which he was expelled from school. This event will forever remain in the memory of a talented guy. After many years in his interview he admits that he loves the music and wants to be part of her world.

«I would gladly have given ten years of his life to learn to play a musical instrument.»After reading the encyclopedia of cinematic art Werner began making his first short films using the camera, stolen from of the film school in Munich. And he did not believe that this was somehow wrong. After all, he needed to learn. Why couldn’t he use the art school?

In his student years He managed to visit many exotic places, and even had a period when he worked as a welder in a steel mill on the night shift to save money to work on new paintings. Despite the fact that I was born and grew up Herzog in Germany, almost all his life, he lives in America. And it even has a reasonable explanation.

manygoodtips.com_17.09.2014_WVfSJC858VM0O«Here there is an unspoken competition between new York and Los Angeles, but the quintessence of the cultural heritage of States. That’s why I live here. And I’ll never be a citizen of a country which still has capital punishment. This is a fundamental issue.»Werner is a true master of his craft. He likes to experiment, so in his paintings you can often see, in addition to professional actors, ordinary people. He often uses this technique when shooting documentaries.

Herzog is famous for his love of naturalistic cinema and an unusual approach to casting. In the film «Every man for himself and God against all» the role of Kaspar Hauser was played by the man who lived all his life in a psychiatric hospital. So, talking about how the neighbor, beside whom he lived in his youth Werner. Despite a complex relationship with Klaus Kinski, the Director continued to work with him, and the result of this work are magnificent paintings. And they say that in our time people are not able to create masterpieces. Werner Herzog definitely be able to compete with them.

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