Takeshi Kitano — two-faced from the Japanese cinema


Takeshi Kitano is rather quickly found its niche in the hearts of world fans of art house and auteur cinema. All because of the peculiar style, a strange mix of black humor, violence and a long freeze-frames. A wide range of people, Kitano is known primarily as a Director, but he has many other interests: he writes books, poems, draw like Marc Chagall and, of course, plays. So who is this strange Japanese man with two faces?


Takeshi Kitano was born in 1947 in Tokyo. Parents gave him the name consonant with the name of the Japanese bamboo escape, hoping that his son will become, like plants, to overcome difficulties and hardships. His father was a man interesting and unique. On the one hand, he was talented and made an interesting patent figure, and on the other hand, his character and passion toward gambling was suffering the whole family that could not pay the rent or buy food. Mother, in turn, passionately dreamed that Takeshi will be a worthy member of society, and paid the boy much attention. She gave him an excellent education at home, at school, Takeshi was considered to be the best student, showing particular interest in drawing lessons and arithmetic. But mathematics is not only pleasing to the guy, Takeshi is Boxing, and plays in the theater of rakugo, where the actors represent a small miniature, reminiscent of Proverbs and anecdotes.

At the University Takeshi stuck around for a while: he was expelled for participation in student protest movements and because frankly didn’t want to learn. He was attracted by the life of the creative elite, all these Shine, scene and theatres. After I left home, he had to feel all the disadvantages of living in Japan in the seventies. He worked as a waiter, a mover, a salesman in a candy store, as a laborer in the demolition of buildings and at the airport. In this time, I strangely intersects with the life of the classics of Japanese artistic elite. And not only classics. At the airport, Takeshi meets moonlighting there, Kenji nakagami, with whom he visited the jazz clubs. The jazz clubs I keep company with other creative individuals who appreciate this dude as a great connoisseur of American jazz and all that it involves. Takeshi even crossed once with a serial killer and part-time writer Norio Nagami — they worked on the same shift. Not clear and the relationship with Takeshi Yakuza clans, in any case, the answers to these questions must be sought in his films.


I was torn between the desire to become a translator and actor. He works with his friend at the strip bar entertains people with dance, a small room and along the way learn from other comedians. First, they had financial difficulties and the disappointment that they had to perform in front of a drunken audience. A small rebranding of humor went children good, is to add a bit of Mat and humor on the brink of a foul, and everything went like clockwork. Of course, entrance into serious literature was closed, but the guys waited for fame and money. However, your Kush dude ripped off: they were invited on television, where they continued to joke about the Yakuza, excrement and everything else.

Glory and respect have done their job, and then offer to star in the feature film «Violent COP». Because of disagreements the Director leaves the film, and stubborn Takeshi offers himself for this role. The film was made for a record week, which is very cool, given the complete lack Kitano’s directing skills. The film many like it and many not. «Boiling point» was the next film of Takeshi. Signature style I love very exceptional cruelty, black humor and a long, sometimes boring still images. The fight against the Yakuza is also available (where without it?).


In 1994, Takeshi terrible happened. On his motorcycle, the Director had an accident, breaking his everything. A complex operation has restored the health of the facial muscles Kitano, but a strange painful polymask still stands out on the face of our hero. Many believed that I couldn’t go back into the movie, but he came back and began shooting regularly. Thank fine artist and painter came to Takeshi after the very good film «battle Royale» and almanac «Dolls», considered the most beautiful of his film.


Himself master of the person of interest. Despite the fact that he dropped out of University like a cork from a bottle, he engaged in the popularization of mathematics among Japanese students. In parallel, he teaches at Tokyo University of arts and the hell this is the old age that I would like myself in the near future.

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