Take them all the Golden age for men

manygoodtips.com_27.12.2013_RTTedbZIlTb9VRecently on screens there was a film «the passion of don Juan», which highlighted one simple truth: we live in the most fertile era for the wolves. Neither your father nor your grandfather neither ancient man nor the king Solomon with his 700 wives were not in such ideal conditions. No other period in the history of ordinary dudes didn’t have access to so many beautiful women, like we have today, and that’s a fact. No time to explain, but wait, that’s my job. Have time to explain.

In our time more beautiful women than ever

A lot of people complain that the world is not a cake, and women in particular. Of course, if you compare photos of average women 50 years ago and now, it becomes clear that mediocre, ordinary girls may have become a little thicker. But who cares about normal girls? Who needs them? Let’s talk about the coolest women, and compare them with the sex symbols of yesteryear.


It’s nice that you live now, right?

For this is to say thank you science and technology — otherwise we wouldn’t have so many beauties. In our days we are more aware in nutrition and fitness than people half a century ago, any friend can join the gym or to yoga, that in the middle of the last century was unthinkable: yoga? in the sixties? In addition, women now have an easier time, because housework is much easier.

Make-up is also stepped far forward, it is now a technology: all these creams and lotions and God knows what they use. Hair and Solarium are in the same office. Clothing is an important factor! Clothes became more narrow and opens up more strategically important parts of the body, not to mention the fact that particularly rich or motivated women use the services of plastic surgeons. Probably, the list is endless!

Not all women, of course, enjoy all these joys, but most of all they despise. Again, very nice that we live right now!

Now women are easier to sleep

Not only that: these days, we often change girls, but rather achieve sex, and he looks much more diverse than in the past. How did this happen?

The most obvious reason — contraception. Condoms are widely available in the last century, as well as birth control pills. Contraceptives reduce the risk of pregnancy and infection, and so the women agree to jump into bed with you a lot easier.

Now women are not even against casual sex — thanks to the sexual revolution! Morality in General shabby and was much wider, and the men finally got a huge opportunity. You don’t even understand his own happiness, man!

If you were in the middle of the last century, sleeping with a woman would be much more complicated: the culture of casual sex simply did not exist. This behavior has become the norm recently.

We know how to seduce women

This is one reason to be happy that you weren’t born in the nineteenth century (and, of course, modern ways to treat tuberculosis). Thanks to the Internet and modest manygoodtips.com this knowledge spread to escape velocity and are used everywhere. We have a better understanding of human psychology and biology, and so the average person knows much more information about how to win a woman.

Your father at your age would give anything to have this knowledge, and now they are lying at your feet. In those days it was considered a success if the guy had an older brother or a friend who could give him good advice — another way to gain knowledge was difficult except by trial and error. Do you, in turn, has information about the psychology of women, all kinds of experiments that are conducted around the world (I bet they are doing this by British scientists, touring to different countries). You can do anyone!

And finally

I hope this post will open your eyes. You live in a happy time and taking for granted things that our ancestors were deprived of. To be a womanizer today it is easier than at all times.

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