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Aloha, dear editors. Here there was such situation — I wanted to fulfill one of his longtime desires. Namely, hitchhiking to go from one city to another. Live in Minsk, and therefore the choice was made in favor of «Nerezinovoy». Was read a bunch of information about what, how and why. But, for example, to put in a backpack with a lead, I did not understand. And a lot of small things that are not really understandable without the experience of travel and hitchhiking. So I would like to know personal experience and, possibly, to the Board of Directors.


You’ve come to the right place because we have a hitchhiker, he’ll answer.

First, the backpack. The most important thing without which one cannot go, is documents. Without other things, as practice shows, is possible. Without documents it is impossible. The next important thing is a phone, money, and Atlas road. Someone manages to travel without money, but you should strongly believe in fortune and people.

As seen from the Internet, to overcome you have to 718 km, while luck’s day. So bring a tent, rain gear, and travel dishes is not worth it. But pay attention to water and non-perishable food that you just eat on the go (dried fruit, biscuits and the like). Of course, don’t forget about the clothes, but do not overdo it: the lighter the backpack the better. Better to wash a couple of times, what to bring extra and never wear.

Also don’t forget to take minimum of medications: paracetamol, Nurofen, Advil, band-AIDS, chlorhexidine to disinfect wounds. In a way we are particularly vulnerable. Camera to document your adventures, the desired. Sunglasses, too. Shampoo and other bath amenities — depending on the circumstances. If in Moscow you have friends, borrow them, and if not, bring pre-overflow liquid and sealed in a small travel size bottles. Use as such is up to you.

Second, personal tips. Note that large cars go slowly. Very slowly. The truckers are loaded, they have a schedule, and if they are not behind schedule, and not in a hurry (traveler usually wants to get as quickly as possible). Trucks go slower all. Unless you’re stuck on the highway, you can lower the arm at the sight of these giants, usually at the cars on the highway are moving faster.

When someone stops, tell me straightaway that they were going to hitchhike, otherwise you put in the car, and the road will begin to demand money. It is better to clarify to the driver that he commits an act of goodwill. And do not scare people of the phrase «In Moscow will not throw?» — better to say «Moscow». Let at 20 km, but you will be closer to the goal.

If you knew anything about the subject, you probably read that you should not brake the car before the turn, on the rise, on the descent and on the road with limited visibility. Get dressed for Hiking, but not like going to the cottage: tidy traveler take faster. Comfortable shoes is very important, as the clothes for the weather. Stay confident, raise thumb up, otherwise you can not accept for the traveler, and local resident, which inhibits a ride to the nearest village.

And last: it is necessary to control himself. If you’re out on the road, fear not: you’ve already made the decision and no turning back. Here everything is even simpler than in the city, because the social roles here are very different. Each counter is in no hurry to kill you. Behave kindly and however confidently, but do not lose vigilance. If something you don’t like, don’t be shy to demand that the car was stopped and brakes are new.

Good luck!

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