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manygoodtips.com_22.03.2015_FCi0yn1lZtM91It is clear, on taste and color of comrades there. Clearly, everyone has their own idea about the ideal. So don’t resent that some shrews here, and some you do not irritate. We all understand, but tried to write in accordance with his idea of perfect.

1. TP

Rich inner world barely breaks through the thick layer of makeup, pumped up lips and a veil, as if to say… spirituality, frozen in the face. Maybe her genius is obscured by the shadow of the hard-earned lip of the iPhone when she tries to take a selfie? TP could read Kafka thinking that cookbook, but ideally read the book of Oksana Robski and Coelho, because on her page in social networks many posts with quotes of these authors that it is possible to gather a whole works.

But we know that the king’s stupidity is a cover. She’s actually smart, because SHE knows how to live, how to relax. And not to imagine that Gogol and Hegel – is one and the same person… Well, it happens. You say you don’t need to know, because you’re going to live in the capital of Austria in Sydney? Maybe in Vienna? AAA kangaroos in Austria there are… are you My sweetheart, apparently, God you relish in the forehead kissed. Most importantly, in your case, sitting behind the wheel, remember that left is where the heart is you. What? Don’t know where the heart is… Well, Yes, Yes.

In General, such a virgin has always been. And they will be. But strangely enough, this simple-minded beauty has always been able to adapt to life better than a well-read middle Manager. Apparently, the amount of knowledge is directly proportional to the number of conscience and chastity. The first beauty of St. Petersburg Natalia Goncharova that screwed susceptible to scandalous beauty, tired of novels with a very wise secular ladies Sasha Pushkin. But, according to the memoirs, was a fool a fool. Summary: killing poet slave of honor. Conclusion: from women like this no good will. And to talk about. Although, if you think you are a perfect couple! Advice and love. The fruit itself like somewhere in the reservation.

2. Skandalistka

Well, come on, come on, you unleash a tantrum when all that you love! Let’s say you’re used to the constant scandals at home, her claims of permanent dissatisfaction. And as soon as the air shakes the shade of her hysterical voice, you’re going to, like a Buddhist, meditate and reflect on things that fell in love with this bitch. But okay home life, constant meetings, furious more. She probably wanted to be an actress, to agitate and excite the audience with their emotions and experiences. Otherwise why all these scandals out in public, with friends? Let your wounded pride – it is covered with a thick layer of chitinous cover, and you care, but all your friends and even their girlfriends hate your choice. And not important. The public eye, she resembles a Cobra lurking for a final throw. Give the signal! Give her a reason! Here, the ocean of passions! On the day of her elbow. No, it doesn’t hurt you a bit! And all you are beating her, clumsy creature! Ended tickets for the show at the cinema – it’s your fault, not provided! Do something, because you’re a man!

But important not the claim, and the whole scene. She will carefully pronounce each word to the audience noticed. Loud, picturesque, preposterous! Why? Well, you don’t understand the first time! And there is nothing to be ashamed of people, especially your friends. You have nothing to hide from them.

3. Too rich inner world

But that’s another story. Since childhood, I read hundreds, tons of books, studied philosophy, watched inspiring movies, get an education. Very stupid in terms of knowledge. And what is the result? The inner world is so rich, his background, everything else seems pathetic, miserable scorched desert: «Why can’t it be like in books? I’m too good for banal happiness. Where is the fairy Prince, who will find the key to my inner world?» – and so on. Personal life no, and all conversations are reduced to a discussion of existential philosophy and his own unhappiness.

First, it is possible to endure. First. Therefore, to discuss it becoming unbearable. To pour knowledge and citations, of course, commendable, but still missing the slightest understanding of such a complex thing as life. So sit in your reflections, if you’re so complex, and enjoy your solitude.

4. Well you are so terrible

Her hips can be explored, like the moon’s surface. Craters, potholes, patterns of cellulite… like acid rain two centuries have washed the marble surface. And your luxury options: 100-100-100 – it’s wonderful! Once in ancient times ladies with a curvaceous figure was considered the standard of beauty. And Rubens, looking at you, burn all his previous paintings with a beautiful donuts and I’d be drawing only from your boundless nature. No, it’s not discrimination full of people (although we don’t like fat women). Just get dressed in accordance with their weight! Don’t wear leggings! Don’t put your avtoportreti in instagram! You’re scary as all 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse! Cruel?! Not cruel to mock the world? And the most important thing that you’re not even trying to lose weight. Max Express dissatisfaction with their weight and, having drunk after this phrase when you swallow a regular Burger.

The theme delicate. But believe me, the kind of unshaven legs and armpits, bad breath, worn out shapeless things, flaky nails and unnaturally colored and curled hair scare off anyone! You don’t like it when a man looks like a week wool a landfill in search of a comfortable sweater.

And most importantly, if you don’t watch yourself, it is not necessary, rocking their bodies, to complain about their own imperfection and to show new wrinkles or stretch marks. Better start to take care of myself, how nice it went over the horizon a time when we started Dating you.

5. Accessibility, openness, boasting

Someone, of course, available virgin like me, someone not very. Most. Especially when the lady starts to talk about all sorts of Surinov and Fedorov, with whom she indulged in before the fall. About your Beaux, which her delicious anywhere, and a friend of the Sub, with whom interesting to talk to, but in a peculiar way to fuck. And I want to say: «my Dear, I don’t care about your past. The more I talk to you, the more I scare the intended diameter of your secret places in my imagination.» Of course, if you’re not a writer, which collects the images, or just want to do good, not bothered to spend the time.

6. Deck

Love you, my log! But you make me sick. And like all good you are. You and I have something to talk about. You’re beautiful, smart, and beautiful, but sex with you looks more like a devouring vulture-gnawed corpse of antelope. Maybe you’re trying not to be like a prostitute, or just don’t know how, but Oh, how embarrassing. I want a return, otherwise, with the same success it is possible to give love a pillow or rubber Fraulein.

7. Helplessness

Of course, the dude likes to feel earner, owner, breadwinner. Immediately begin to feel its significance, and Virgo looks at you with faithful eyes, and you’re all proud… the first couple of times. Then you begin to get when she dumps on you all the problems, from the choice of spoons for shoes to something much bigger. Of course, the major problem is your debt. But you have something to think about, but to look for a job for her, because she had not even this is always some problems! On the one hand, it is definitely better than the vulgar lady who’s trying to show that and how to do it.

8. Purposeful

But the determination is that the woman has no other purpose but to marry. And she doesn’t care for someone, only to loved and worked. And it doesn’t matter what they speak or not. Importantly, the thought of the happiness that reigns in their family.

She probably thinks that time will not be married until 26, all, no one ever lays a hand on old fruit.

It is easy to find on the page to «VK», zasrat posts that family is happiness. Her inner world is as empty as the budget of Tanzania, and intelligence varies at the level of an adult chimp and all, perhaps. Such a goal due to a complete inability and unwillingness to find their place in life. Let all the husband does. Be careful, dude! If she would lay eyes on you, it will be difficult to explain how adequate person why you don’t need a wedding.

And then Targeted immediately after the wedding, you want «small» to secure the position and be like all the «normal family». And most importantly, after the wedding, and the birth of a child she turns into a big fat-ass monster called a housewife. And you realize that it’s all happiness, because there is nothing better than being a fat housewife. She may not even cook, not to follow the children, because it is necessary to rewrite with a friend to see «the eagle and Reshka» to little old husband works two jobs, the fact that people live like people traveling, and he even the sea did not take out. And most importantly, she’s always tired. It is evident from the inactivity.

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