Take care of yourself before thinking about others

From childhood we were taught to share candies to give girls a place and do not think about their foolish desires, because all is more important than friendship, family, native blood and to be a good person. With such things it is impossible to argue. Is it bad to be a good person? We think that it is bad when this kindness and focus on the installation of «help your neighbor» fill all your thoughts. It’s good to be righteous, but even the righteous should understand that selfish there are more ways to help this world than him. Why? Because they were engaged in themselves, made their way to the top and doing business. That is why we believe that we must help yourself before you help others.

Rational egoism

manygoodtips.com_16.09.2016_Y4BSlFDenUk4zAesop’s fables, «the Wolf of wall Street» and thousands of other stories from the world of culture clearly hinted that to be selfish — taskbar utter, which turns into a disaster for the selfish. Perhaps, therefore, each formed a misconception of the very essence of selfishness.

Nobody argues that the greed, indifference, and greed is evil at its core. Such things are understandable even to a child. However, if you don’t bite off more of the pie of life than you can chew, unless you can fly up the corporate ladder? Remember your first job. Remember how worked to improve their financial situation, to raise their status in society. If you didn’t, then we know that you have failed to achieve more than the monthly salary, which has not changed for the last two years.

Just how it works. Reach more selfish because I want more. Life they perceive as a military training ground, where you have to fight for his place under the sun. If instead you belong to the hippie commune, then in ten years will end up somewhere on the margins of progress. How can anyone be proud of the ideals that you believe something incredible, «vile world of consumption and lust», but a man with ideals is nothing you can do about it, when a man with ideals, money, power, and talent can.


Any development is a result of your inner Narcissus. You want to be better, stronger, smarter, and so use any methods to achieve its. Think of your favorite writers, entrepreneurs, musicians, philosophers never been proud of yourself? Not feel better than others? We find that hard to believe. The desire to be better, richer and stronger than your fellow — natural for a human being. It is neither bad nor good — it just is.Of course, there is a devastating and healthy version of selfishness. She makes friends turn away from us, is the cause of infidelity and disgusting behavior that defines you as a geek. And sometimes the line between reasonable and mrazota selfishness is hardly noticeable. Therefore, the question immediately arises: «How do you know I’m not scum, and just go on the way to improve your life?»

Define the desires

When I see people who spend two salaries to buy the new iPhone, then you begin to believe that aliens brought the world into some sort of intergalactic insane asylum, and we all have long been sitting in a straitjacket. The problem is not that people do not think that the money could feed ten homeless people, but the fact that people are torn between the gadgets, various unnecessary purchases in order to forget about his empty and meaningless life. You can say: «Let them have fun as you can!» And we agree, there is no need for us to ban it. But such a position is not the position of the egoist.

The position of the egoist is the ability to accurately recognize the true priorities in your life. This should focus on your personality, because one person’s development is another person’s degradation. So you have to know yourself better, to find out advantages and these desires of which we interpret that year in a row. This does not mean that we should deprive ourselves the joys of life for a «greater purpose.» Maybe your happiness is cold beer, which you can enjoy in the house on the shore of a crystal clear lake. If so, strive for it. But set apart a beautiful picture of what you really want.

Stop living for others

manygoodtips.com_16.09.2016_uqJf0xaLzsNFeIf you want to get a new job, then go for it. If you want to go skydiving — why not? Want to book a table in any steak house? Please do it for yourself. All this you can do whenever you like, if armed with the right attitude, which eliminates the feeling of guilt or fear.

Another life you will not. Besides, you have a real opportunity after death to sink into oblivion — full the emptiness and the blackness. Christians were more fortunate — they have a Paradise, but what about atheists? Live for yourself, of course. To live your life, not someone else’s. To understand that some people need to let go, so they do not parasitize on your own history. Energy vampires — darkness. Even more than eternal sufferers who need your help. But how can you help them when you can’t make your future?

Remember the banal truth that we can’t live for others. Now look around you. Almost all of us have the person who is going through a difficult time. Have a buddy that is struggling with poverty, there is one who can not solve the problem of the division of property with a friend, and have a friend who lost his leg in the Syrian military conflict. You may call us cruel, but we can’t live life for them, because sooner or later you’ll approach a point where you need help. So why not spend the time to make yourself strong? In all senses. Then you will be able to help others, without burdening yourself. I repeat my thought: «You’re going to mean for the world more when they start to mean something to myself.» Everything is simple, there are no moral dilemmas or conflicts with conscience. There’s just you, the person who does everything to become better.So, what we think is reasonable egoism? To name just a few healthy egoistic impulses:

— The desire for freedom;

— The desire for independence.

— Commitment to a meaningful heritage.

— The desire for personal happiness.

Isn’t that enough to change the world?

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