Take a NAP and become omnipotent

why is it good to NAP

I never liked the word «NAP» or the action that it denotes. It so happened that in our culture the word «sleep» associated with lazy weekend, when «after a hearty lunch on Archimedes ‘principle relies sleep», and with grandparents in retirement — all of these items provide that dormant person has no ambition. Should we lie down for half an hour a day and we already feel guilty and ashamed.

And that’s not necessary to be ashamed of (thank you for a remarkable phrase, Ivan Dorn!). NAP is a way of becoming better, healthier and workable, but also a little smarter. In between the sleep, there are a lot of advantages: even Napoleon liked to sleep during the day (although this did not save him from his flight from Russia, but helped to enter in Moscow).

Your cat knows what you do not know you

People treat the few creatures that sleep only once a day. All the other animals sleep many times. Cavemen probably did the same: at any time of the day or night someone needed to follow in order to protect the tribe from predators. The best option for people is to sleep twice a day: all night and a little during the day.

The ancient Romans did so. At six o’clock in the evening everyone went on the side and slept, apparently, and there is his history of the Spanish Siesta, a long break during the day.

It was experimentally established that the people deprived of their orientation in time, sleep long once in the day and a little the second time in the period of wakefulness. Therefore, our desperate attempts to fight off sleep at lunchtime due to the fact that we are forced to confront their circadian rhythm. Now we will tell you, man, than a good NAP.

Why Napping is helpful

It increases attentiveness. When you have your eyes open, and difficult to work in full force. Stop, get some sleep and get back to work. A NASA study showed that a 40 minute NAP increases attention 100%! Other studies found that 20-minute NAPs are even more effective than 200 mg of caffeine or exercise. Pilots who had the opportunity to relax for 25 minutes while the co-pilot’s flying the plane, was trying to fall asleep at the wheel five times less likely than those who did not sleep. In short, a NAP makes you more alert.

It improves memory and learning ability. Sleep, you improve memory, which is used in complex tasks where you need to pay attention to one thing, keeping in mind the lot of others. In addition, daytime sleep improves memory: during sleep, recent memories are strengthened and grow in the long term.

This prevents fatigue and information overload. We often refuse to NAP today, because we have too much to do, but studies have proven that working without rest — then work less productive. It is better to stay at 30-minute NAP and refreshed to get back to work.

It enhances creative ability and refreshing feeling. Daytime sleep refreshing feeling, like a whole night of sleep! This means that you start to feel better flavor, more clearly see the colors — and it’s all thanks to NAP. Also day dream awakens in you creativity: it breaks the habitual associations, and thereby to build new ones.

It is good for health. Lack of sleep leads to increased levels of the hormone cortisol, which is also called the stress hormone. We become less receptive to glucose and easier to accumulate fat in the abdominal area, muscles weaken — as well as the immune system — in General, some frustration. However, this may take a NAP.

It improves mood. Serotonin regulates our mood, sleep and appetite. It makes us feel happy. The more stress, the less of serotonin is left to us, as the main reserves go off to fight with the source of bad mood. As a result, depression, anxiety, irritability, agitation and poor concentration. What saves this? Additional sleep.

It saves money. Instead of spending a lot of money on coffee in the workplace, just take a NAP: it’s completely free.

When and why to doze off

The ideal time to NAP is between one and three days, approximately one and a half hours.

If you lack fresh ideas, you need to sleep an hour and a half in the morning, until the clock showed two.

If you want endurance, then you need to sleep in only 20 minutes. No more: thus you will feel overwhelmed if the dream lasts less than a half hour.

You need to relax? From stress you will save a long sleep after two in the afternoon or early evening is the ideal time for recuperation.

If you are waiting for a night without sleep, I advise you to sleep during the day at any time — the more the better (original, eh?), but even 25 minutes will do the trick. Although there is no «sleep» will not replace a full night’s sleep.

If you need extra attention, instead of a Cup of coffee we offer you a NAP of some 15-20 minutes. Longer necessary, otherwise you’ll go into another phase of sleep, waking up in the middle of which, you will feel unsatisfied.

How to find time for sleep

Understand: in kindergarten it was easy, everyone put to bed, and after waking up to give milk and cookies. But we grew up and now work doesn’t really sleep. How to be?

Usually for lunch, allocate an hour. Half the time you can spend on food, and another half — sleep, for example, in the car. No car? Then worse, and the only way to NAP is to lie down at my Desk (which I would not advised, so you definitely will not be respected colleagues). You can talk to the boss: suddenly, somewhere in the building hiding nobody wants a room that can be used under a sleeping needs (a little hard to believe, but a little). Best of all, if you’re a freelancer: lay down myself and slept in his pleasure, as long as the sleep is not delayed.

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