Taekwondo helped the woman to beat shark

Skills — always a useful thing. Life is not just a box of chocolates, but also a role-playing game, and role-playing game without combat skills is hard, man.

Coach Taekwondo Mariko Haugen resting peacefully with her husband in Hawaii, where he swam among the turtles. Suddenly, the woman noticed that she was stuck with a pretty big shark, which is not going to lag. «It was in the movie, to see how you are approaching jaw. I can’t tell you the horror I survived,» — says the woman.

When the shark approached Mariko closely, the woman remembered that in fact is a martial arts coach. She carefully swung and punched the shark twice in the nose. Shark from such treatment offended and immediately swam. And Mariko Haugen was out on the shore, where she comforted and provided first aid.

Despite the resistance, the shark managed to bite the woman’s hand and thigh. Doctors put off a few dozen stitches, now to its health threatens nothing. The wife of the coach, by the way, nobody was bitten, apparently, even among sharks there are generability.

Experts say that sharks are most sensitive spot nose, so she Narino. But many men believe the story of a fake, because the swing in the water quite difficult.

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