Tacos, tortilla bacon


Taco — a traditional Mexican dish. It’s a pity that in Russia not so many places to try. In any case, this case is quite delicious just due to the fact that the filling is wrapped in an awesome tortilla tortilla made from wheat and corn flour.

But today we will show you a very original recipe Taco tortilla… bacon. Will, so to speak, to fill you in Western fashion to the bacon.


You’ll need strips of bacon. Fresh. Cut them into long plates of a width not exceeding 5 cm, shape of them, here’s a tortilla, twisting together strips of bacon in a checkerboard pattern. Begin to weave with the longest — this is the middle, then plaiting the edges of the shorter strips, finish painting the Taco short.


Now hang the fabric on sticks between two objects such as between two bottles, leave it for 15 minutes to retain shape. It would be ideal if you put in the oven the fabric together with these two bottles. But there’s something dangerous, we personally just put them on a baking sheet. The oven should be preheated to 200 degrees.

In the resulting tortilla, you can put whatever toppings you like: meat and tomatoes with a delicious sauce — paramount.

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