Taboo: what you should never say to a woman

Poradi.s.ua_6.03.2014_Cmplbzd0wcTb8When a relationship begins and the two are genuinely interested in each other, they are trying to put themselves white, fluffy and cool. Relationships have unwritten rules. Technically all the rules of Dating and relationships are unwritten, but some of them are so obvious that they do not need to explain. Unfortunately, a lot of dudes, how would it mildly… ignorant. For this reason, we try as possible to explain intelligibly to you, my dear reader, why you should never tell a girl to ask on a first relationship and to be honest, it is advisable to do at all.

1. How many men have you had before me?

The first logical question: why? Interested? To compare with their own results? To be able to scream «Hooker!»? Of course, there is a chance that she’ll lie that it will reduce its track record of three or even ten people. Do you seriously expect to find a girl virgin or genuinely surprised that the sheets did not remain treasured drops? Why would a grown man? Imagine that everything is beautiful in her, and then she tell you the truth because you asked her. You can wipe out all my own idea about it because of this ridiculous self-centered question. If a person is over 22 years, it is clear that you’re not the first. Here your ego is suffering? In an extreme case, if all is well with you, you can ask a number of serious relationships, but without fanaticism.

2. Go me!

You know, for many girls, it sounds very rude. Of course, they don’t have any illusions that you’re ready for Platonic love and kiss her hands once a month, they’re not really fools. Let’s just say, girls don’t want sex was the only thing you want from them to date you was equally interesting quality of his character and appearance, coupled with the ability to make hot oral sex. If the girl is left with the impression that she only want to have sex, she is offended. She feels that her banal way are what make her a prostitute at one time, but it’s hardly like someone of the girls, if they are certainly not ready for a one-time lay.

Instead, it is best to say something veiled: «I wasn’t planning to finish the evening. Maybe you’ll think of something else to have fun?»

3. You need to meet my family

Oh, girls think it’s a huge step for mankind! For girls it is a real event, this means that relations are entering a new phase. But we, frankly, do not always think so. Understand, for girls meet the parents is very important while we sometimes start it only to show: «Mom, I have a living woman!» I know a guy whose wife was five months pregnant when he decided to acquaint the mother with the mother of his children. Also believed that this is an important step.

Some dudes mom scared zadalbyvaet about with whom they generally communicate today. The mother shows the girl that she calmed down, to feel something to a girl and build her plans not necessarily: it is done to nothing. Most often it is just a casual acquaintance, quickly sat and sold, it is not so formal like meet the parents of the girl. But the girls think this is a very important step, and some… just refuse it.

To start is to make sure you this girl seriously. If serious, it is not necessary to show it to my mom, and my mom another reason to worry and the girl. And karma fucked-up.

It is best to say: «My family wants to meet you. You don’t want to meet them?»

4. So how is it?

To say after sex: «how are you?» is the same as to run around the girl and ask her a star, a dog biscuit or achivku. Even if it was the worst sex of her life, the girl is unlikely to tell you about it if you dear to her. Also she might not tell you the truth that is banal not to offend. It is better not to ask, and to observe the reaction of girls usually clear. Who likes fake moans? Who likes fake recognition that all was not well? Instead, simply say: «I like it!» If you really so want to say something after sex, not to go to the bathroom or sleep.

5. You look awful in those clothes

Oh, prepare your balls, mate, now they will beat! Men often made fun of or openly complain about how much time is spent by the woman when preparing for some event. In fact, if you observe these amazing creatures, it becomes clear that all her ritual dance makes sense: she runs around in circles and then five minutes getting ready. You need a lot of time to prepare: choose clothes and shoes to the color of her hair and nails matched or contrasted with them, style your hair appropriately, but it was a little sloppy, as if on purpose. And get your makeup on occasion. Even the best preparation does not ensure satisfaction of the result, if you’re saying she looks bad in those clothes. For girls it means that she tried in vain to make themselves beauty is not for her.

Instead, if you so annoyed at its appearance, tell me what this garment does not suit her. So you will shift the emphasis in the right direction and try not to offend her, but still meet girls who are always ready to be offended.

6. My ex did it in bed, let you do

You yourself understand how thoughtless and insensitive you sound? Don’t you know? Well, imagine that the girl you will say: «Honey, my ex, Dima, a member was 25 cm. And that’s just the thickness. Do something, lazy goat!» That’s about how it sounds. Even a girl can see that you still want the ex. There is a grain of truth, because if you wanted something, you’d say: «Honey, try this!» Why I do have to say that it is tactless!?

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