Taboo sex: pedophilia

Pedophilia is indeed a significant topic for discussion in Russia. Primarily because prohibitive laws concerning various types of Internet freedoms continue to appeal in their arguments to this sexual deviancy. But the Russian society understanding of the subject rather vague. And not the last role was played by the fact that the perception of sex in humans, even within the history of our state, varied. The subject, despite terrible word, very ambiguous, because it depends entirely on the age of consent, which, according to the Federal laws set at 16 years. In other words, if you’re 18 and your beloved turned 16 yesterday, that’s all great and fine. But if you didn’t wait for her birthday, then you can hard and good to go.

The problem

So where is the line between pedophilia and regular sex? At what time breaks the normality of what is happening, if we are talking about voluntary sexual intercourse of two adult men? It’s not just because we are seeing in the Russia of 2015, the increase in reported crimes against sexual integrity of children. And that particularly it should be noted that a large proportion of crimes were committed by the relatives of the victims. By the way, about the sexual abuse of children by their own families in 2014 for the first half of it was 3000 of such crimes.

The essence

The age of consent – that is what defines pedophilia. But in this issue there is no consensus. Moreover, some countries simply does not associate the concept of crime with the age of the person. It concerns first of all those States where serious power have clerical elements. It just so happens that the traditional life of those ages, in which were written books such as the Koran or the Bible, abound in striking examples of what can be described as sexual intercourse with a person under the age of majority. Such a relationship rarely condemned by spiritual centers.

At some point, Christianity in Europe really carried the radical humanistic values that were incomprehensible to the public, tormented by many wars, but by force of arms were taken. All this has United people, formed a whole Kingdom, the United including the Slavic tribes. Islam, meanwhile, has United the Arab tribes, which later formed some really strong state. It’s hard to deny that monotheistic religion was the strong support of the state machinery. Eventually humanity turned in the opposite direction, that is, in my opinion, was a breath of fresh air. Sooner or later even the most powerful idea dies. The only question is, how long is agony.

So, in the perceptions of medieval man, the age of consent had, in fact, irrelevant. More important was the institution of marriage, which appeared strict, immutable truth. Simply put, society didn’t condemn the relationship of twelve girls and forty men, if they were legally married. However, if a girl, no matter how many years she was not engaged in a sexual act without the approval of the cult, is not only censured by society but also served as a cause for severe corporal punishment. Thus man, as a rule, in the light went from its share of responsibility.

However, the middle ages was not grey and grim world, where there was a constant and same rules. Somewhere, especially in large Metropolitan cities, people have more liberal attitude to the issue of fidelity. Otherwise, where did the brothels? And the dark was not so dark as we think. The middle ages are characterized by rather serious legal pluralism. Even within one Kingdom was not a single legislative system. The city issued its own laws, castles released their own laws, the feudal system made itself felt. Meanwhile, in today’s world we can observe a more severe form of punishment for adultery, as, for example, clogging of girls and even raped underage girls by the stones. This largely happens regularly in Pakistan, Eritrea, and, of course, controlled by the Islamic State territories. The middle ages, despite the significant force of religious fundamentalism, was not so cruel to the children.

If you dig a little deeper, we see that in the prehistoric era, when man had only just begun to live together with other kinds of sexual relationship with children was, but generally condemned by society. And not for moral reasons, but because of security reasons. Today sex is primarily pleasure, and then the method of reproduction. Then it was the opposite. And children, of course, hardly suited for the role of women in childbirth. Especially too young body promised big trouble health, and therefore, the danger of injury of death. Ancient man, kill wild and bloodthirsty beasts destroy unknown diseases could not risk that. The stronger the community, the more family, the more food and power, to survive. However, ethnologists assume that for a certain fee of in-kind goods, which was awarded to the man-getter, you can get hold of anyone.

The age of consent

«Pedophilia» in modern Russia – it’s still a terrible word, a «Scarecrow» who are nice to stick on TV. Above, we touched on the concept of «age of consent», that is the defining term for this deviation. And in order to show the heterogeneity of the legislations of the various States, we bring to you this list. Of course, list all the countries we won’t, we don’t see a practical sense.

Spain – 16 years

Since July of this year, the Spaniards raised the age of consent to 16 years. Until 1999 the age of consent was 12, then 13, and in 2009 decided to raise to 14 years. Here is a forward movement in the law of fans of Bullfighting.

Czech Republic – 15 years

The Czech penal code (section 242) declares: «a Person who has sexual intercourse with a child under the age of fifteen (15) years, and which do not fall under other articles, can be sentenced to imprisonment at least one year but not more than eight years.» A year younger than us.

Hungary – 14 years

In the section of Hungarian law, that is the numeral 201 and is called the poetic word «seduction» indicates the following information: «a Person who has sexual intercourse with a person who has not completed his 14th year, as well as a person who has completed his 18th year and is involved in fornication with a person who has not yet exceeded his 14th year of life, commits a criminal offence punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term from 1 to 5 years.» Two years less, and normal. Went to the Hungarians, or is it acceptable?

Japan – 13 years

Nasty and nasty Japanese! But not so simple. In many prefectures of Japan the age of consent raised to 18 years. Even 13 years – the concept of a purely nominal. That is, if you put some girl in confusion, and she really doesn’t love you (seriously, dude), the prison term cannot be avoided. Japanese law enforcement authorities monitor all sorts of pundits and fans of lolicon. However, the fact remains that the age of consent in Japan is 13 years old.

Philippines – 12 years

But only by mutual consent and without any financial compensation. If some enterprising tourist will want to pay for it, then the Philippine government will demonstrate all the tyranny of Asian law. We would not advise you to be in Asian prisons.

Yemen – 9 years

Here we should clarify. Until that moment, when came to power Islamic fundamentalists, the age of consent was around 15 years. But then I decided that sex can be considered acceptable at the time when the girl reaches nine years of age, because at this time, the assurances of Yemen figures of medicine girl «ABLE to BEAR». Now in Yemen is a war, but not due to the fact that the secular NGOs are ashamed of their legislation. Just the Shiites with the Sunnis, something not shared.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar – 0 years

Parents have the right to give their daughters in marriage, even if they are in the cradle.

But men can join with them in intimacy only when girls will be able to withstand the weight lying on them men.

Sheikh Saleh al-Fawzaan In the two countries have no minimum term agreement, which unleashes a lot of people. However, it is more about the marriage and not about intercourse. Islamic scholars are not United on this issue. So you can often see the «war of fatwas», when issued by one Evangelist contradict the previous rules. Shariah are very different from European norms. For example, in 2011 Saudi Sheikh Saleh al-Fawzaan has issued a fatwa which encouraged early marriage. The Evangelist leads the Aisha one of the wives of the prophet Muhammad, as an example. The wife of the prophet she was 6 years and 9 entered into a close relationship. The hadith, from the point of view of the Saudis, should be followed with maximum accuracy.

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