Taboo sex: homosexuality

When Russia we are talking about choosing a sexual partner, then everyone starts to strain a bit. We decided to look into the matter and to delve into the big and serious problem of modern man: «Where you came from Gaia, and what do they want?!» We already feel as wash the sweat from his forehead members of the clergy, hard-working men trying to process why write about a text with a historical twist, the state Duma Committee on family, meanwhile, is examining material for the presence of propaganda, and dear Vitaly Milonov slyly rubbing his red beard. The contagion from the West, East, North and South absorbs Mother Russia, but the Earth still holds and continues to spin in its usual mode. For her, humanity continues to suffer and rejoice, to be happy and enjoy every day, day and night.

The taboo nature of the topic

In fact, the taboo is very conditional, but still has a place in Russian society. That’s why you see this text. For the average resident of our land, homosexuality does not cause anything but rejection, disgust. It’s funny that I was only male homosexuality, and the female remains in the trend. Statistics on Russian porn sites perfectly demonstrates this feature a little and opens our eyes to the hilarious hypocrisy.

Of course, homophobia is born out of nowhere. Contribute to the social and cultural processes that depend on the General foreign policy and domestic agenda. To a person who is not really converted themselves, difficult to deal with such pressure. Sooner or later, the influence of surrounding pressure, the desire to objectively approach the issues of personal sexual freedoms and the understanding of their value for all human society.

The Russian dude is problematic to say openly, without any reservations, that he has nothing against this relationship. All because of unwritten restrictions that have affected the male community of the country. There are some topics that should unite people, to categorize them. It’s like with cars and football. If a man does not understand nor that of any other, in a foreign company it is likely to cause confusion. Also homophobia, which is a wonderful way to bring people together. However, this adhesive composition is very fragile, because it is easily destroyed in the presence of a friend, friend of a friend who «plays for the other team».

We will not deny the fact that hatred in some degree necessary for life feeling. And, as if some do not like this, relies on cruel to the feelings and errors of rationalism.

Wild world

The unnaturalness of same-sex relationships – that’s what they say traditionalists in the first place. But from the nature and species that inhabit it, they are very bad news. Unscrupulous clerical elements, carelessly using scientific data, like to claim that this kind of relationship not found in nature, and therefore for the person they are unnatural.

Dear lover of nature and all natural, specially for you we give an example (not without the help of the book of Bruce Badsmile «Biological diversity») animals, same-sex acts which were described in detail and, importantly, documented! Yeah, it’s like a kick in the groin: unpleasant, painful, sad.


Well, no doubt. It seems that life adult dog consists of a set of random and chaotic relationships. If dogs are to inject heroin, you probably would buy the whole pack one syringe. Very bad, it is necessary to educate man’s best friend, don’t leave it alone.


No next of kin has not been. Maybe they’re responsible? God knows, but homosexuality in chimpanzees common, and that’s a fact.


But the king of beasts, we did not expect this. We did not believe, honestly. But the relationship in the pride between males can often lead to the fact that these cats choose as a partner of a lion, not a lioness. And we are talking about targeting, not about some mistake.


It refills because the three representatives of the animal world nothing is limited. «Biological diversity» describes several hundreds of animals with homosexual and bisexual behavior. If we turn to other sources, several hundred begin to approach fifteen hundred (500 well-documented cases). Make allowances for the fact that the scope of such studies is very specific and does not occupy the minds of a large number of biologists. The conclusion is: nature is not especially paid attention to the rightness or wrongness of sexual relationships.


I agree, man is not an animal (although how you look). We have morals and traditions that vary with surprising regularity. For any historian it is the truth with which he is constantly working. Well, there was no eternal rules of conduct, man. Society has changed, and changed these rules and now we live in such a world, when the treatment of minorities differs from region of residence. If in Amsterdam for the fans of Elton John are rosy and calm on the territory of the Islamic state simply stone as well as Christians, Kurds and other small groups. It seems to be obvious, isn’t it?

Antique, Greece

Greece was very revealing. Bastion of European civilization were known for their open relationship, during the period of his power especially. These guys colonized the world, brought the culture of the barbaric tribes, armed with knowledge and power of the future rulers of Europe – the Romans. The world of the Greek, as many know, was very courageous. For a long time women had no significant role in Greek democracy. They were created in order to bring offspring. To vote, they could not, sex with them was more of a necessity than true desire, but to the concept of beauty they had little to do. Male beauty is what’s valued in the world Greek. Was widespread cult of the strong and healthy body, which, incidentally, is becoming increasingly important even in our world.

The Greeks said: women for business, boys for pleasure.

– Anthony Grayling, historian

Why do sexual relations in Ancient Greece was so strikingly different from that familiar to us? Perhaps blame specific historical events? The first years of democracy was not smooth for Athens. Rebels, unhappy with the new regime took power into their own hands and established a dictatorship. In the year 514 BC, there were only a couple of brave guys, which was the name of Harmodius and Aristogiton they decided to challenge the dictators. They managed to kill one of the brothers of the tyrant, for which these two military homosexuals have paid with their lives. But their heroic act contributed to a new revolt, which led to the fact that Athens became a democratic city. Harmodius and Aristogiton became the heroes who have sacrificed for the good of the city. They imitated monuments to them, loved them. However, Greek homosexuality was based more on the camaraderie and support among men than sex. But we won’t lecture you on the history.


We will not deny that the impact of sexual minorities on culture is phenomenal. So I think our legislators, with a light hand, called it a disgrace «gay propaganda.» I do not agree with this interpretation and has a point of view, for which our party will fly sneaker different sizes.

The fact that a talented person to grow hard under normal conditions do not become only the extreme can open the way for those seeking not just to get by, but to take its place in history. That the black population of the United States came up with a brilliant Blues and jazz stuff. But black is, in our opinion, do not have some kind of innate musicality, their trump card is the difficulties, the inhuman attitude with which they faced internal contradictions, the clash of civilizations. It all turned into a God-like music. Enough to listen to a hooker, to be sure.

Also with homosexuals, who, instead of every time to the face from gopoty of various kinds on provocative parades, make art (Elton John), business (Tim cook), science (Jack Andarak). If you push conformists, you get much more time and energy to realize itself in any form. Similar builds character, it does not say.

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