Tablet for Christians

To be a faithful believer, you need to have your toes touching the faithful men and the faithful things. Seems nonsense, but the Korean company Cydle introduced the world’s first gadget designed exclusively for Christians. No matter what kind of «axis» is on Board tablet computer: it’s worth the Bible.

In July of this year, Cydle , in cooperation with the religious organization, Family Christian has released in all seriousness the tablet, which bills itself as a tablet for believers dudes. Incidentally on Android.

— Selling out is not an ordinary electronic device. We wanted to create a technological tool that can help the millions of Christians from around the world-says the author Brian Honorabl.

God will judge him, man.

The tablet is very different from «not spiritual devices», in the humble opinion of Brian because it contains in itself the Bible, as we wrote above. But not just the Bible, and the Bible in 27 languages of the world. It makes the gadget is pleasing to God.

Also on the tablet there are programs that you can use to listen to Christian radio, access to the catalogues of Christian music and the opportunity to view Christian resources from a Christian fresh news.

The web browser on the tablet special: it protects the faithful and their children from bogomilsky sites with satanic content.

The cost of such a device $ 150.


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