Tablet Dell Venue 11 Pro


It seems that in the near future, «pure» tablets will remain. Their capture of e-books and a variety of hybrids that much better in functionality. That Dell recently moved to tablet manufacturers, and manufacturers of hybrid tablets. Where the world is heading?

Tablet Dell Venue 11 Pro — expensive, but the functionality is rather big. In the presence of the dock you can turn your device into a desktop PC, laptop, or tablet. Connect the keyboard — Dell Venue 11 Pro becomes a laptop, put in a special dock-station — in front of you a candy bar. And «iron» the device is very good. The devices screen size — 10.8″ smaller than a normal laptop. Screen format Full HD(1080p) resolution — 1920×1080. Anti glare and protective coating.

All running on a processor with four cores Intel Atom Z3770, whose clock frequency is 2400 MHz. For graphical component is responsible VPU Intel HD Graphics, multitasking is supported by two gigabytes of RAM. As you know, it is a full computer in a strange form-factor, not a tablet on a mobile platform. Available for data storage 64 gigabytes of memory, if desired, to increase the total capacity up to 128 GB that the tablet is more than enough. Happy rear camera 8 MP, front also provides acceptable level of quality is 2 MP. Battery capacity (mAh 5130) allows the Dell Venue 11 Pro to work 9 hours without a break. The device weighs really decently — 771 grams, not every bag will bring. The working platform is Windows 8.1.

The estimated price — 25 thousand rubles. There are versions with larger storage of data.

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