Table R2D2 vacuum cleaner

R2D2 SOS like crazy. Swallows everything he sees, especially the likes of that dirty stuff. No, we are not trying to discredit the glorious droid, we are talking about the vacuum cleaner, made in the form of the legendary kinoperson. Now all became fashionable to do gadgets and other equipment with a different kind of space sagas, so it is no surprise.

Sloppy fans of the «Star pile» (not to be confused with the film made by the band «NOM») is very lucky. First, they will have their own legendary droid. You can put it to him at the table, have impromptu tea parties and talk about their hard life. Second, it will work for you and rake for you srach. That is, feel like Luke Skywalker.

The gadget was created by Artoo specially for people who are not indifferent to Star Wars. The device operates simply. The device connects to PC via USB and proceeds to restore order. Enough to send R2D2 Desk Vac to the littered area.


Where built-in vacuum cleaner? In the middle of the supporting foot. Unfortunately, the product is not able to remove automatically, requires manual control.

Robot dimensions – 13.5 x 10.5 x 10 cm as for the price, it is 23,39 USD – a pretty good amount for a robot that cleans food scraps and soiled pieces of anything paper off your Desk.

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