Table made of pallets

We again welcome you in the category of «Not for pictures». If you have free time with nothing to do and left a couple of pallets, which in the winter you kept the persimmon, it’s time to get down to business. What do we do? Necessary thing, especially if you have a garage or your site, where you can attach this simple and comfortable table.

1. Prepare


In order to receive the necessary amount of wood you will need two large wooden pallet. Ruthlessly sort it.

2. Support


Probably your Desk will not be super-resistant. Then why such a table? Do not worry if you do here are the square frame for the table legs, then you’ll be fine. You need two frames, one you will attach to the legs, the other on top of that, in principle, also on the legs, just on the other side. Arm with hammer and nails.

3. Panel


Before you nail the top panel cut unequal parts, and take sandpaper on the base. Well, if you’re a brutal guy and not afraid of the pain, fuck all these soft finish. Your Desk should be as strict as you are.

4. Countertop


The most basic and complex. You have to collect all those pieces of wood close to each other. If you still have extra boards, then nailed them to the bottom frame. Voila. Now you have a shelf under the aggressive table.

5. Collect



Remember LEGO? But you’re not a kid from the sandbox. You’re working with tough materials. Pack up all your blanks together. Turn the tabletop and legs symmetrically to kill the next table. Now cut frames and missing boards to the universal shelf.

6. Ready

Now you have your own personally assembled the table for men’s work, can drag out your hammers and drill bits or models of tanks and aircraft.

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