Syndrome Durov is possible that in a few decades our time called the «age of social networks». To deny the influence of new media on relationships in society are a Zen monk from Bhutan. We are not going to tell you about all the changes that occurred in the life of each user of the VC (maybe you and he much noticed), or, God forbid, to convince the monk to have an account.

We’ll get one, but very significant aspect of the existence of personality in the Internet space: Facebook depression.

1. What kind of animal?

Note similar to the disease in the first can arise from the user of any social network. In Russia this phenomenon should be called VK-depression syndrome or Durov», however, due to the fact that the era of social networks on the decadent West began several years earlier than in this country, overseas psychiatrists coined the term and started treating patients when you have more instagram was not.

Second, even the understanding of image formation in a social network sometimes can not relieve the user from feelings of depression and despair. Facebook depression has the same symptoms as any other depression: persistent feelings of fatigue, apathy, a sense of dissatisfaction with life etc.

But the causes of the «syndrome Durova» is more specific.

2. The causes of the disease

For anybody not a secret that social networks represent not only a communication tool, as the platform for self-presentation. Given the specificity of this platform, it’s safe to say that objectivity, or at least honesty in the filed so that the information does not even smell.

Look at page former classmate of yours: on the pic — pretty face, protruding from the window of an expensive car, wall — posts, dedicated to his career achievements and photos with lobster from an expensive restaurant. It is likely that he was the first and last time in my life; to make a picture in the car, made a special trip to the dealership; and the last job he was fired for incompetent. But he has one undeniable achievement with the design of the image in the social network he managed to «excellent».

And then the fun begins. After watching all these successful, rich and famous former classmates, you think: what is wrong with me? The feeling of being all around better than you, covers your head. Despite reasonable decision to finally close the browser and remember the deeply philosophical VIDOS Asians, showing how much changing the picture on the screen depending on the position of the camera of the iPhone, you have a desire never to get out of the network, not interacting with real people (since, as you just found out you’re the worst) and count the «likes» under each picture. That, my friend, Facebook-depression.

To fight this plague is difficult, but possible.

3. Methods of treatment

First, you have to acknowledge the existence of you have a problem. Projecting to real life the feeling of loneliness, dissatisfaction with oneself and life, you risk to jeopardize relationships with the people who really matter to you. In addition, despite the intense desire to «not stick out», stick out from the cozy world of the Internet, you’re going to have to. Ironic: suffer the «syndrome of Durov» realize that the social network hurt them, but can’t bring myself to leave digital space. For getting rid of any depression psychologists recommend more fresh air, try not to focus on negative experiences, to do what you love and stop comparing yourself with others. If you feel light-methods do not help, and you can’t stop the clock to surf picture of friends, try the radical method of getting rid of Facebook-depression — digital-detox.

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