Sympathy for order: the advantages check-lists and task lists the modern era we know more than ever before, and information was never so easily available. And yet individuals and organizations often fail to use all these knowledge. The amount of knowledge grows, and the method of sequencing all did not invent.

The problem is that at the time, as the world around us is becoming more and more complex, we are still stuck with a brain that has not changed much in the last 100,000 years. No changes, of course, that is, on the face, and we are much smarter than the great-great-monkeys, but the growing volume of knowledge and information not have time. Of course, through such sources as books and computers, we can increase the amount of knowledge, and a bunch of different exercises for memory. But even constant training and work on their knowledge does not help to overcome biases, cognitive flaws and internal forgetfulness. And despite the floriferous as Brussels sprouts Belgian hot day, the brain, we continue time after time to make a stupid mistake.

But what if there is a tool that can help us to avoid the wrong application of knowledge to overcome cognitive limitations and may make us more informed?

There is one way: only the usual list of tasks.

The power list is the contents

When you hear the word «list», probably the first Association that comes to mind is your daily/weekly to-do list. The list you’re recording a priority. Then another, and another until death, life through a list. But it’s not about that.

Someone will say that all these lists are terribly boring and, typically, ineffective. However, it’s all a lie! This is a very useful tool that contributes to the prosperity of your business and you as a person. Actually very disciplinarum. If you don’t believe us, then read a very convincing book of Gawande Atul, «The Checklist Manifesto», where everything is laid out on the shelves.

But the book you need to find, buy, read, it is necessary that the head worked… Too hard. And you, we as before do not believe. Then here is another eloquent historical example.

Heard about the glorious bombers B-17 that American pilots are together called the «Flying fortress»? Of course I did. But did you know that if it were not for a simple list, about it would never know. That’s how it was. In the 1930-ies of the U.S. air force held a competition for airplane manufacturers vying to enter into a contract for construction of «far» bomber. The clear favorite was the Boeing, which was created by epic proportions the vundervaflâ, that flew further, faster, accommodates more bombs and looked scary. It would seem that it is clear who will win. The «flying fortress» even his shadow darkened the competitors. It remains only to make an example of the aerial – and the contract in the hands of the guys from Boeing. The champagne was founded in refrigerators, glasses polished, and the plane took off, climbed to 300 feet and illuminated the sky… an explosion, flown apart along with the pilot into small pieces.

The investigation showed that it wasn’t the fault plane, and in the elementary pilot error. The fastest, most reliable and bomber threat of the time was too difficult to manage, so accustomed to the primitive pilot is simply unable to cope with flying the machine. For normal flight the pilot had to pay attention to four different engines, retractable landing gear, flaps, hundreds of amazing for the time switches, and much, much more. Now it is standard in any aeroplane, but in those days the bomber was a breakthrough in military aviation. So the pilot was so busy with all the personal belongings that I forgot to disable the lock rudders, used for the Parking of aircraft at the airport.

The air Corps has concluded that the Boeing model was too complex for pilots, and a contract was signed with more primitive Douglas B-18 Bolo.

But the military still bought a few Boeing purely for the sake of experiment. Just some test pilots saw the bombers to discredit the enormous potential, and was just curious to fly such a colossus. The pilots, they are the same people crazy. Instead of requiring additional training, test pilots made up a simple list for the previous flight. They simply prescribed all the basic tasks necessary for successful control plane and the points on which you should pay attention before takeoff. With a list of pilots flew 1.8 million miles without a single accident. Thanks to a simple checklist of sight, the army finally ordered thirteen thousand bombers B-17 soared into the annals of military history.

Compile a list of

So, imagine that you were on top of the world in expensive shoes and with a huge MOP of hair, like Donald trump. And nothing better to do you decided to build a skyscraper. And do you need to organize work of a large diverse team that includes engineers of all kinds, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, fitters, excavator, window installers, environmental experts, security experts, geologists, producers – the list goes on and on. Nevertheless, despite the complexity of modern construction, companies collect large buildings faster than ever.


Of course, with most of these infamous lists.

Every construction starts with a massive checklist of tasks that should be done just in time. Taking into account all the details, a tight schedule – in short, a perfect tool for creating a successful business, in the language of advertising. Thanks to the lists manages to keep the motley team in the course of events and to prove to the installers, until the plumbers didn’t do their job, they to it is better not to take.

The modern building is an excellent example of how monitoring can help us to cope with the challenges of modern life. In today’s complex and interdependent world, failure to communicate is the cause of most of our newmini. Different people or groups have different amounts of knowledge and a different vision. So the order will save the world, your chaotic soul and your business.


In fact, all that has been written, is a kind of praise of such lists. But the main advantages:

1. Make sure that the necessary minimum is done. With increasing complexity comes the temptation to skip silly or simple thing, and instead focus on «sexual» parts of their work and life. But as they say, all beauty is in the simple things, and if neglected, it can be great to get stuck. Simple things differ only in that they require less time and effort. Consider this.

2. It is believed that all task lists and lists – it is purely stacherski. Supposedly, a young, creative, free personality things like that keep chop off his wings and prevented from moving further. But you are not forced to organize your creative work disorder. We are talking about other things. You’re not the clock at work. There are other things. For example, such a list made extravagant Mr. Dali.

3. Very disciplinarum this is your paper. By the way, checklists continue to play a vital role in aviation. Every time pilots and second pilots take off and land, they are passed orally from the checklist. Much of what they see, of course, basic things. But when you’re responsible for the lives of 120 passengers, you have to be disciplined, to be confident in the correctness of their actions.

The lists do not give a binary answer, they instill discipline on the person who uses them. Studies show that given someone else the task list increases the chances of its completion.

4. Lists save time. They often complain that, they say, they are very time consuming, even more is their passing. Actually lists can save time in the long run. You will spend less on bug fixes and will have more time for constructive work.

How to make the list more effective

Just make a list of the steps involved in solving a specific task. Here are some tips:

1. Explore your failures and look for the «killers of his happiness.» Look at your work, or even in their personal lives. I feel that not doing their maximum? Domestic Affairs seem to be a disaster? Study yourself, find out why you’re not getting maximum results. It discovered failures and setbacks will be the basis for your list.

2. Focus on simple tasks. We talked about how important they are. Try to realize that all leave for later. You will see that life will become easier.

3. If your checklist is long and complex, it is necessary still to reduce. What, then, to leave? Pay attention to those things, tasks, and projects that are particularly complex and important. They will take more time, but absolutely without them it is impossible. Not possible. Tasks that affect all other items on your list, you need to do in the first place.

4. Check how effective your list in the real world. If you still experience the same failure, or the task list frankly is stopping you, then give him a makeover.

Without such lists would be impossible the work of doctors, would have died from an overdose of prescription pills and forgotten the planned operations; the pilots, otherwise the aircraft would fall, barely taking off; working builders, otherwise the house would be collapsed at the finishing stage. Consider this. May be, the ordinary check-list will save your frozen in the dark soul.

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