Symbols of transformation: define the beginning of a harmful routine

manygoodtips.com_24.02.2014_PGSf2FP3gANGbRoutine, man, of course, exist. All our life is routine, to see if so. But the routine should be the right attitude, and it should always be diluted, otherwise the end of everything: dreams, marriage, relationships and life. You’re turning into such a slimy, amorphous mass, which sure everything goes according to plan, that is all it is normal, i.e. like everyone else. Very many couples live in a routine to which they actually used. They believe that their life is normal, no worse and no better than others. Sometimes they raise their heads and sigh: «But someone who goes to the mountains, walks in the parks, travels to other countries, happy love! I wanted this life! But I had no luck, although, most likely, they probably have their own problems».

When routine gradually captures the sphere of influence of our life, we do not always notice that the enemy is at the gate. We believe that settled down, become more Mature, wiser and calmer, in fact, in our life appeared normal routine, laziness, and human fear of change. How to understand that your relationship is a harmful routine that can eat you and your girlfriend and your relationship? Try to understand, as usual.

1. Hairiness

Girl stop shaving the body. Of course, if you do never mind a hairy pussy is one thing, but if you used to think that hairy Puszcza piska is fu, and now resigned, because the other side is not and the hair is not so scary if you think about it, let’s stand and greet routine. Suddenly you realize that hair on the causal place of your girlfriend, you can wind the cables so that the Puszcza piska will resemble the head of a Viking. And if you try to transplant someone’s bald head, can bestow a person’s curly hair.

Hair on the legs, too, are not cleaned unnecessarily. In advanced cases they are approximately the same length as you. But you is again not particularly embarrassing. Used.

2. Stopped cooking

About this is a typical mistake of all those who so sincerely like Housewives. First she stuffed pancakes chicken, and then when you feel that you have it all more or less seriously, take off your hypocritical mask and will have to wait for pupation in the face of pregnancy. Well, she just tired to keep a straight face and no more having to try? There is a third party: she is very very tired, sees that you’re totally ready there’s a suspicious khinkali less suspicious sauce.

Instead of pancakes, roast chickens, stews and pilaf appeared sausages, prepared foods, prepared salads and meals from the nearest supermarket. The girl almost doesn’t cook, she carries a microwave and a frying pan in which ready meals razzorivsheysya for further use. If earlier at least she sometimes caressed you waffles, pancake, homemade Shawarma or the beef Stroganoff, now you will not wait from it and fried potatoes. It you purchase will attract and warm up.

3. You don’t have the slightest desire to help her with the housework

You see what she’s doing, and proceed to sit before the computer or TV. You absolutely do not think about the fact that she can literally sew from the fact that all you need to wash, cook and find time to escape to work. She’s alive? She did not faint? So, all right. To be honest, you never thought that you could help. Once you washed the dishes, and sometimes sex, but once she started doing it myself, somehow scored. They said nothing about it — then everything is fine. This is a typical mistake of all dudes think that if a person expresses dissatisfaction, it’s all right. Although, to be honest, it’s not a bug, so his attempt to rationalize, to explain why you don’t want to help her cope. You can still add that it’s a female thing.

4. You no longer spend time together

Now is the time after work — personal time each. If you talk to each other, it’s almost a Union of souls, so rarely does it happen that even indecent. She watches TV shows or texting with friends, you play World of Tanks or drinking another bottle of beer taking place under the TV. Your residence can be divided into two halves, however, the division and so visible.

You even have a show together don’t look and talk about something more serious like watching a movie or, God forbid, leisure. You’ve been going somewhere together, even corny to eat, what to say is difficult. In addition, the alarm bell is that you very often are sitting at home. You can say that old and I’m tired at work that you barely have the strength to watch TV, but this is complete bullshit, if you will, of course, not over 40 years. Just too lazy to break this to you, and the routine is finally captured you. Need to start walking to get out of this foamy liquid!

5. Sex is hard and tiring

If you have a choice: have sex or run a few miles at a quick pace — you’ll think of a few times. Seriously, remember that time when you were ready to do anything for sex? Now you’re living together, and my first thought every dude that started this life we will fuck every day! No. Yes, the first time it will. Perhaps it will last a very long time. But home as aggravating factors, the house has a TV, a home you can just lie down with a book. Everything becomes less desirable if it is at arm’s length.

Another thing is that you both stopped trying during sex. She thinks, «Why bother? You can lie down, he’s not going anywhere». And you think, «Well, here it is, does nothing, eyes glassy. Better, by God, the hand feel is almost the same, but not so tired!» The more you choose to hand-satisfaction, the stronger routine would be to bite into your relationship.

6. You have ceased to look after themselves

Here we have a disgusting trend that, unfortunately, has no sex. Some guys and girls try only to other people, they do not know how to live for myself. As a rule, girls have several aggravating features of this article. You found each other, and this means that the search is over, mission is done and you can enjoy the fruits of their backbreaking labors: to get fat, don’t shave, neglected hygiene and to score at the gym. Exactly such people have a routine — a frequent guest. And all because they do not know how to live for themselves, but for the person next — and even more so. Sad but true…

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