Sylvester Stallone is a great example of perseverance and obstinacy

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2015_KGQGNJJJDWUMIStill emanates warmth from the old Hollywood guard. It is clear that native, it is clear that nice and close. Still grew to stretch from ear ZHKVD, in a mad cheerful and wildly magical mountain of muscle called Arnie, under the stone face and quick hands, «friend of the Chechen people,» Segal and pendulous under lip and the stability of our today’s hero. In the wild, almost fanatical love for all, slay seems the most sincere. Simple, crude, inflated, but in moderation, with your crazy lip and indefatigable charm. He some his, some native. As your neighbor, a nice guy from the yard, which, they say, came to success. And he walked a very long and very difficult. People with such abilities and defects, as he is not particularly welcome in the harsh, sleek, glistening with intelligence about the world of show business. The abilities and talents he certainly was. But the main thing was the charm and a wild desire to live as a man, not like all those with whom he was raised and grew up.

He grew up in a dirty and unfortunate town of new York – Hell’s kitchen – the Italian quarter of new York, known by the novels of Mario Puzo and the good old movies about the almost forgotten, but nevertheless a great Italian mafia. His dad Frank were quite happy with the fate of a humble Barber. But with my mother Jacqueline it was much more difficult. Apparently, passion for publicity and fame, as well as innate restlessness he inherited from her. Her whole life is a continuous search. First danced in the corps de ballet, then organized the matches of female wrestlers, then turned into astrologer and consultant on fitness. And most recently, Jacqueline announced to the world that is «boologam». By the title you can guess what her career is built. In practice, this is reflected in the fact that she just knows how to compose a psychological portrait of a man prints the buttocks.

Poradi.s.ua_9.09.2015_6bBpC1xa8yFuiBut back to the harsh childhood Stallone. It was strict from the moment of birth. Even the birth was not without difficulties. When Sylvester pulled out of its mother’s womb tweezers, the doctors damaged his nerves in the face. Tongue, lips and cheeks were left paralyzed for life! That’s the secret of his peculiar facial expressions.

By the way, the growth of Sly not that tall, but taller than Tom cruise. Add to that surprises with a face and a natural shyness. It’s in the movies he is cool, and childhood severe inflammatory descendants of Italian immigrants were often zvezdolety Sly and teased for lousy diction. It was only later he went to drama classes to overcome shyness, and started training with weights to become bigger and stronger, but for now just rushed to the offender, and gained a reputation as a bully. The Golden rule of the yard – at least try to fight back – did the trick. It may seem that he was beaten teenager whom no one spoke, but no friends he had many. But at the moment the only prospects that loomed in front of illiterate, stupid and the unlucky boy to eke out a miserable existence, working as a loader.

You know, when I was a boy, I think, was only 11 years old, I jumped off the roof of a 3 storey building and broke his collarbone. I was just too small and reviewed many different movies, I wanted to be a hero! I just took the umbrella, opened it, and decided to jump off of a skyscraper, then to fly. Probably, each child thought about this. And on my end nothing happened. I fell into a concrete pit with water – my dad built a gazebo near the house. Dad saw me lying in this pit, called my mother and said, «Look at that poor child, he will never be President! You gave birth to an idiot!» I raised my head and said, «Dad, said the same thing about Edison».Parents on the Sly was, in General, do not care. When he was 11, they separated, and 15 Sylvester, who was expelled from all schools in which he studied, sent to the honorable school for troubled children. His father, with whom he lived after the divorce, long used to the idea that the son will grow up an idiot, but to have believed in it.

My mom always believed in me and considered me talented. When I was 16 years old, she took me to the famous Institute of Drexel in Philadelphia, I there looked, tested. At the end of the 3-day certification, my mother said, «Your son can go on the driver or the electricity of the elevators.»

After such encouraging prospects Sylvester worked as a cleaner at the zoo, cleaned cages for animals. Later, as a bouncer in Nightclubs. And had not parted with the dream of becoming an actor. However, all of his friends, upon hearing this, immediately razrugalis Homeric laughter. But increased muscle all taken seriously. He went around the Studio 4-5 times, but always heard the same response: eloquent, «NO.» The Directors and producers as one, told him that with that dumb look and with such diction to actors do not take. Most offensive, he was not even in the episodes. But as time went on, and up to 30 years did not have the economic means to pay for heating the apartment, he was starving. Wife constantly yelled at him, called him a loser, asked to finally find a normal, human job. Through time Stallone because of poverty and lack of money has collected all the jewelry of his wife and sold them without letting her know. After this situation, the wife of Sylvester left him and took with him a small child. I think she spared neither then nor after. Later Silu asked: «And would it not be easier to get a normal job and save the family?» To which he replied:

Because I knew that if I find a normal job, I have to throw up, I’ll calm down and lose this ravenous hunger for his dream.This dedication of a dream can cause only admiration. It is the discomfort suffered by the family, hard to say. It’s selfish, but without the film «rocky» the world would be a little worse. So let every man answer this question. In the end, to live in a house that is not heated for the debts, and with young children is very difficult. By the way, the life of the children is not very developed. The younger Set – have been autism. And the elder sage died at age 36, having removed with his father in «rocky 5» in the role of Balboa, Jr., and acting as Director, producer and actor in some films.

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2015_5GAXTZ2LBVib1But back to restless Sly. Once he almost gave up his dream of being an actor and decided to choose a… writer’s career. Fate brought him to the library where he came across the book «the History of Edgar Allan PoE». And suddenly came inspiration: «may I also be a writer?» It never stopped such things as illiteracy, lack of education. Why?

Later, he began to try to write a script, but unsuccessfully. After some time he managed to write a good script for the film, which was called «Paradise Alley», and Sylvester was able to sell it for $ 100. Several years later, after becoming famous, he will star in it, although nothing special, the film is not remembered.

And then things got worse, and the script stopped buying at all. He went to the pet store and sold his beloved dog, who loved and appreciated even more than the family, for only $ 50, for one reason – it had nothing to feed.

It was probably the worst day of my life! When I walked out of the store, my cheeks flowed tears, because I sold a true friend, I betrayed him.In such situations, people give up. And Sylvester began to think that it is time to stop dreaming. But once sitting at the bar and watching a Boxing match, he was Sinisalo insight. Over time, it becomes clear that the price of this huge insight, we need only add up all the fees and box office movies of Sylvester Stallone.

I was in this Boxing match was struck by a white guy, all bleeding profusely, continued to advance, he wanted to achieve his goal! And then Bang… I came up with a crazy idea. As soon as the fight ended, I sat down to write the script. You won’t believe but I wrote the script in just 2 days.So there was a big «rocky». Stallone wrote it in a room without Windows which was removed, Smoking one after another cheap cigarettes «Tramps», and it’s worth it. Sylvester was confident in the movie at 100%, but the writers are not. Later, he found people who were willing to buy it, even offered 125 000$ for the poor guy almost astronomical sum. But sly was quick to offer himself on the candidacy of the protagonist. Seeing and most importantly hearing this, the producers said in surprise: «Well, you’re a writer?» – to which he replied: «No! I’m an actor! You don’t understand, this is my story, I wrote it. I’m rocky, the main character, I should play the part!»

The producers tried to convince the writer that the main role should be played by a famous actor that sly just took the script and left. Later he was offered 250000, but would never see writes Hoss. But Stallone was confident. He knew this was his last chance. The result soon Sylvester succeeded his iron obstinacy, gave him hands on $ 35,000 and the title role in his scenario, but warned that if something goes wrong, then Sylvester will incur material costs along with them. But the concern was unfounded. In the movie «rocky» spent $ 1 million and received $ 2.5 million and a huge, fantastic success! After a few days, Stallone bought his beloved dog for $ 15,000. The film is not so much about Boxing, but about the man in the box, went almost autobiographical. How many people he inspired to action! And how many believes that the «Eye of a tiger» – the best tunes for your workouts! Although for me personally the song «Gonna fly now» is one of the best kinokompanii. «Rocky» mistakenly called a Thriller, but actually it is the light sports romance, and still hard to find a more attractive hero in other films about the sport.

When I saw the fully reduced version of «rocky,» I told the producers that he will gather 100 million. The producers said, «If he brings the money, we’ll buy you any car on Earth.» I got my Mercedes 450 SEL.I kept saying, I’m more than rocky. But the truth is that it is not. I would like to be at least half of it. I was a fool. Rocky is one of the most honest of my creations.

As in «rocky», Stallone’s career went on the rise. Crazy guy openly laughed, even handed him a «Razzie» for part 2 Rambo: worst story, worst actor, worst enemy and the worst film of the year. However, sly’s only kind of terrible, but inside is a very good man, but still with a sense of humor, and not offended. Even the presentation came. And they say that with Sly very easy to find a common language. Most importantly, to experience the flow of his jokes.

In fact, many adherents of the «Church of the eternal dispute «Who is cooler»: Schwartz or sly?» agrees that Stallone Comedy fail best. Recall the hilarious «Stand up, and then my mom will shoot», «Oscar», and even «the Expendables».

Of course, we compete. We even talked about it. We, like Muhammad Ali and Jonathan Frazier. Lamotta and Sugar ray. Arnold and sly.Thanks to American propaganda, the characters Stallone received the status of national heroes. Sylvester was forced to maintain the image imposed on him, so for a long time he had to play like each other very primitive role as, for example, in the movie «Night hawks», «Cobra», «Staying alive», etc

At some point I became defensive. Disgusting that I, Sylvester Stallone, has become synonymous with mindless, monosyllabic violence. I turned into a prehistoric caveman. People take this fictional character and placed in the real circumstances. This is how to protect their religion – it is impossible to win. And the more I defended myself, the biggest fool looked.Remember when Reagan bombed Gaddafi? He said, «I saw «Rambo» and you know what to do.» And then He remembered Rimbaud in the bunker. I became synonymous with a type of thinking. Symbol. It always bothered me in travel. Had plenty of threats. When I came to Cannes, I threatened to kill. And in third world countries, I don’t love.To the best of them differs only in the picture is «Locked up» (1989) directed by John Flynn, who first gave the actor an opportunity to Express themselves in dramatic roles. «I think Stallone needs to do movies, full of passion, – the Director said later in an interview. When I see how he suffers and struggles with the circumstances, I have chills running on the back». After this picture Stallone starred in the film androna Konchalovsky’s «tango and cash» where he played an intelligent, attractive and yet quite tough COP. In this role he proved himself as typical, and as a dramatic actor.

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2015_0Q0ov1aR2uN8xIn 1997, to get the lowdown Sheriff’s role in the drama «Earth police» (after rocky is the best of them created images), the actor not only agreed to recover twenty pounds, but settled for a fee of 60 thousand instead of the usual by that time of 15-20 million dollars. So he wanted to remind everyone that he can play not only the muscles.

By the way, the producers are seriously considering to take Stallone for the role of John McClane in «die hard», but then I thought, «Cobra», runs over broken glass and releases the snide jokes, not what they need.

And about the «Italian stallion»… He was young, he needed the money, what else to say. Although more funny erotica think it was difficult. In any case, you begin to understand the producers, refuses Sly, when in an erotic movie during intercourse, he makes these sounds like he’s gutted.

I played a stud who invited those wishing to party through a newspaper ad. It came about ten, kiss and cuddle. By today’s standards the film almost would have passed parental censorship.

It is known that Stallone is not the most outstanding IQ. And to be honest, terribly low – 54. But he’s not as dumb as it may seem. How can a dumb man to make himself such a state? Maybe a dumb man to write the script about human tragedies, as in the first «Rambo»? So, the following is of course trash, but the first was beautiful.

By the way, Sly Idol was Steve Reeves, with whom he later became friends.

I saw the path that can bring me out of my awkward adolescence. If I didn’t like myself the way I am, then, maybe – just maybe – I could change myself of who I want to be.

And my mother who is very supportive. Mom, by the way, he loves, like any decent son. At least mom and leads an active life and that there comes up with, and living through son, that’s not surprising fees 15 000 000.

Sly even though he appeared in scandals and even been divorced three times (once with his current wife), but known as a decent and loving father. Somehow he complained that lives in the house, where around one woman – the wife, three daughters. There is a dog but he is neutered. By the way, the daughter is even nothing. Prettier than old Willis.

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2015_7QKJL5m6rexv5One person had the courage to enter my car. I went out and say, «don’t You think you should apologise?» He replied: «Go to hell». I just picked up his son and told this guy that I have in the car could be a child. He again: «Go to hell». I felt compelled, morally and in other ways, to hit him. Absolutely in the style of rocky I swung and gave him the left. This shot cost me 15 000 dollars.Biography Stallone is a great example of perseverance and obstinacy. If in 30 years you will remember that you have no penny, remember Stallone. The main thing – to follow my dreams. And have a funny lower lip. And God forbid anyone to look like that in 69 years!

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