SwivelCard: business card with built in USB

Parade.com.ua_26.08.2014_4vIHEurKk7nKGModern technology continues to infiltrate our daily lives and often make it with unusual sides.

SwivelCard the developers are planning mass production of business cards of the new generation in mid-2015. This device with built-in solid state drive designed to make life easier for business and creative people.


From the sad and boring pieces of paper, they differ in that have a built-in USB interface. Once the user opens the flash drive on the computer is automatically redirected to a special web page where will be located all you previously recorded information: portfolio, contacts, short summary, advertising, information about the company. The service also provides change information remotely if the card is already at the client, but there have been any changes.


Moreover, the development SwivelCard makes it possible to view information about who and when opened and viewed, information on the flash drive, as well as information that interested him the most.

In the mass production of the gadget has not yet arrived, but the competition for the patent has already been announced.

The price of a pack of cards 200 cards — 289 USD.

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