Swiss watches: a success story

The world is constantly changing. Immutable things is less — that is only for a time, and die forever. In an era when the quality is less worried about than the amount of the existence of a Swiss watch seems insane Mirage. What’s so special about them? Why they have become synonymous with accuracy and reliability? Surely in Switzerland, every second one is a watchmaker, a skill passes from generation to generation? The latter, however, is partly true. But few know that the origins of this «legend» was not the Swiss but the brand itself would never have appeared, whether in the Catholic Church at the time, a little more modest. Don’t know what we are? Then here’s a brief history.

In 1507 the Pope presented the project of St. Peter’s Cathedral, which so pleased the head of the Vatican that the construction was decided to begin immediately. Unfortunately, after 11 years, initial enthusiasm gave way to understanding that this architectural jewel will require a bit more investment. And since the plan of Finance could only look at the numerous flock, the Pope issued a bull on the sale of indulgences — coupons for repentance, designed to sponsor large building. Well, it turned out to be the biggest mistake of the Vatican in its history.

It should be noted that even then the public mood was leaning more towards the anti-religious: vermagest the Catholic Church is rapidly fading away, in Europe wandering spirit of emerging capitalism, and on the threshold with a gaping smile on her face froze MS «Renaissance». At this time lacked only a hero, able to blow this powder keg called the reformation. And ironically, he was not an atheist, and the most that neither is a theologian named Martin Luther. Faith in God does not prevent him to resent the methods of the Catholic authorities, so he just came to the walls of the German Church in Wittenberg and nailed to the door of everyone who later became his famous «95 theses» on why you should stop listening to the opinions of the Pope and to start believing for real. The call modern society, however, perceived differently, and the struggle between Catholics and Protestants put a very different purpose, but this is «the jungle».

We just need to know that this struggle eventually led to the fact that the Church is still strong and powerful, the beginning of this persecution, which he saw only to Hitler. And since the greatest weight the Vatican had in France, the cultural capital of the whole of Western Europe, the local Protestants had either to fight or to find a new home. So Switzerland, which was «steps away» from the border, has been home to the best professionals and craftsmen, including time. But don’t think that they immediately began to sculpt masterpieces for the benefit of a new homeland.

Swiss watches are renowned today not only functionality, but also beauty. The head of the Republic John Calvin could not tolerate manifestations of luxury, which was characterized then all the Ministers of the Church, seeing the flows of immigrants, he decided to establish a new order and issued a decree that restricts local and new residents to wear very beautiful things and jewelry. Moans and «facepalmy» jewelers must have been heard in Paris, to the delight of the Catholics. However, these enterprising guys didn’t suffer long, very soon the master of gold began to cooperate with the visiting watchmakers. What happened as a result, you already should have known.

Already in 1601 was developed by the Geneva watchmakers Guild, which brought together the real geniuses of their craft, and by the mid-17th century, Switzerland became the absolute world leader in watchmaking, despite the fact that the first factory to produce them have appeared only in 1804. So you understand that I represent a Swiss watch now, it’s worth remembering what discoveries and revolutions have time to do the wizard over the past few hundred years. The first thing this brand has become the «longevity» — Abraham-Louis Pearl has created a pocket watch that was wound from movement and the weight of the mechanism. Later, in the mid-18th century, Adrien Philippe invented a watch pendant with a pendulum winding. Then there was the clock-calendar and such that could lead the countdown.

A real breakthrough succeeded Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1801: this man has crafted the tourbillon — a mechanism to offset the influence of Earth’s gravity on the watch accuracy. This discovery has literally raised the whole society of Swiss watchmakers to inaccessible to other height for many centuries. But to rest on their laurels, they did not. In 1926 appeared automatic watch, in 1967 the first quartz, 1972 — an electronic liquid crystal. This latest addition made its creators very nervous, because the Japanese quickly mastered to create a very usable tool, but it is less bulky and cheaper. It was ten years convulsive searches all better result, but the Swiss would not be Swiss if it has not been made — a clock with a thickness of 0.98 mm in just 10 francs forced the Asians to remember who is «daddy».

And even that was not the end! After 6 years, the world became acquainted with automatic quartz clock, which was charged by the movement of the hand. After 4 years out the clock with 21 additional function. After 7 years, on the threshold of the Millennium, Switzerland has introduced a watch with anchor mechanism that reduces friction and is more accurate than a tourbillon. Today the clock industry of this country is 1.5% of GDP and allows a small country the last 400 years to stay in first place for watch exports.

And it’s not just the skill — up brand presented a huge pile of standards that are incomprehensible to other professionals. To distinguish these from the ordinary Swiss watch it is possible only in two ways: the first is to throw them with all his strength on the floor of the store and watch the reaction of the seller (if I die of a broken heart — wasn’t fake), and the second is to look at the markings. It is a «chronometer» and «Swiss Made» or simply «Swiss». By the way, many independent watch brands made in Switzerland, but it also obliges them to take a special Commission that exists only here.

Branded watches — this sort of thing, which often like to speculate. It’s like a cake that the bakery in city sells for 10 rubles, and the airport was 50. Look for Swiss watches stores in a title — it means to rake a lot of money. That is too much even for such a «title». But despite the fact that wearing it most of the people are enterprising, connect commercial flair in order to find a real copy cheaper, it is not necessary. Just go to the «Timer» is the online store that is already 12 years engaged in the sale of these Swiss watches. For quality control, they are free to send the expert on the place estimates the cost of accessory and then gives cash.Here are dozens of world-class brands at very modest prices. Call it the b/u does not, since after buying hours are the appropriate service-repair and by the time the «counter» already look as good as new. And sell them here more profitable, since it is possible for Internet auction: it is enough to come to the office to execute documents and photos and set a price, and then wait for offers from buyers. In the «Timer» has 9 offices in the capital and many representative offices in other Russian cities, so that this will not have any problems. The challenge to part with the watch or choose a new one.

The main functions of a Swiss watch, a lot. This alarm clock and mini-calendar and a chronometer and tachometer, and even a power reserve indicator. Some brands go even further and introduce lunar calendar, or repeater is a very useful thing that issues every half hour melodic signal, reminiscent of a certain time. The main question when choosing hours is an edge – mechanics or electronics. Would be fair to note that the quartz accuracy is still higher, and mechanics requires more careful maintenance and periodic maintenance.

However, it is more often than not take on the principle of nostalgia. These same people enjoy listening to vinyl records and prefer paper books to electronic. One more thing — the bracelet or strap? A matter of taste and convenience: the bracelet is robust and durable, but the strap is more comfortable, easier and more enjoyable. Anyway, some models come only with something specific — such vagaries of Swiss designers. So to choose a watch carefully and relying on your own feelings. The brand is important and aesthetics is necessary to awaken their sense of beauty and to spend more time on the fitting, which is not ashamed.

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