Swing back without weights and equipment

Large powerful arms like Popeye the sailor is great, of course, but they will look ridiculous, if you have back as the prima ballerina. Need mighty wings filled with iron meat, casting a shadow over cities and continents. And this does not need to go out and buy a subscription to the gym. Arnie, for example, during military service, Wake up 2 hours before lifting and ran off to train on the tank. It would wish, and we will tell you.

The rise of the case

This exercise will help improve posture and ease the load on the spine. To do this, lie on your stomach with legs straight, toes together, arms bend at the elbows. Cross your hands and put your chin in them. On the inhale raise your hands (without taking away from the chin) in collaboration with the shoulders. On the exhale down. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.

Leg lifts

Another supine exercise which really trains the muscles of the lower back. Again, you need to choose the correct, suitable surface below your torso (namely, the distance from shoulders to abdomen) is not dangling in the air, and it was. Let it be a sofa, two chairs or stools. Lie face down and start to raise the feet up, it is Advisable to cross them in the Shin for more comfort. Strong bully there’s no need to bring it to the level of the head.

Exercise with dumbbells

But for the next exercise we’ll need to take dumbbells. Still, when it comes to back training, without them anywhere. Specifically, this exercise is one of the most effective basic exercises to build wide muscles. Considering each half of the back, with a strong half is not «helping» the weak.

To run you need to slightly bend feet in knees, the case with arched lower back lower down to 90 degrees, to pick up a dumbbell. Pointing the elbows up and strictly along the plane of the body to lift the dumbbells up to shoulder blades, then slowly return to the starting position, stretching the muscles. And so 20 times. But with the weight of the experiment is not worth it.

Classic pull-UPS

Classic pull UPS are a basic exercise used at all times. Probably, if you try, you will not be difficult to find in my backyard at least one unfortunate shot where you can smartly hang. In the end, it can be installed in a doorway at home and did not suffer.

But hanging need is that straight grip so that your palms were placed slightly wider than shoulder joints. To reach for the bar up until the chin is level with her, then fall down completely straight elbow joints. An important caveat: the thumbs have to grasp the bar, otherwise the load will be partially redistributed to the biceps. And so the main burden will go to the back.

Well, the rest of the time try different types of grips that should help.

Lift blades

If really no place to hang, then find somewhere a long stick (or a smooth curve — not so important), put it on two chairs set at a distance from each other, so you could easily go into the hole and place the elbows. Actually, that’s what you should do next: do the widest grip, and not at the expense of the biceps, and through the attention of the blades and lowering the elbows, raise your body to the bar. Try not to use the biceps (you will understand if you feel a strong tension) and not to help especially the legs.

Dead lifts with the expander

The expander is a very useful thing, and, unfortunately, underrated. But it can replace the classic deadlift. Enough for 3-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions on each leg.

Stand with one foot on the middle of the expander, lean forward with a straight back, lifting the other leg back. Grasp the bar with your hands at this distance, so it was a bit stretched already at the bottom.


This exercise is imperative to perform at the end of your workout because it is a kind of effective insulating element for training the back. All you will need is a flat surface (preferably hard). So that you can safely lie on the sofa or coffee table. One more thing — the surface should be large enough for comfortable positioning of the pelvis and legs. You need to lie as if on the floor. Well, after fixing the legs and removing the hands behind the head, raise the body up and then abruptly lower it down. And in the lower position are lowered, prognuv her back, and then jerk upwards, keeping your back straight.

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