SUV for the zombie Apocalypse

machine against apokalipsisa0443482197

Dude, the problem of the Apocalypse is, as we can see, really seriously. The script are a nice bonus too acute. So acute that some bro even make machines in order to safely survive.

We present to you the SUV against zombies. ZOMBIE TRUCK — the so-called miracle. And it does terrible things.

This SUV 6.8-liter, drives like normal and bio-fuel, in other words, it’s a hybrid. Its doors are reinforced, and the hinges on them. Glass armor, zombies do not exactly fit, Dragna normal too. Door reinforced with sheets of high-strength steel.

Now only to wait for the Apocalypse.

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machine against apokalipsisa0443482197

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machine against apokalipsisa1076928239

machine against apokalipsisa1248254639

machine against apokalipsisa1272820030

machine against apokalipsisa0342490422

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