Suspenders: a quick way not to remain without trousers


A journalist of some snobbish edition would have written something like: «If you look in the wardrobe, it is possible to detect that all items of clothing long ago lost the sex and with the same success worn by both men and women.» We believe that if you look in the wardrobe, are asking these questions, then you have a lot of free time. Although in some snobbish fashion journalist publishing rights. Hats, socks, and butterflies – all the garments, which at the time was impossible to imagine on the fragile female body, now shamelessly exploited by the «weaker sex.» Even suspenders. Although we do not dare to call these save you from the unexpected embarrassment of a thread nemojkin attribute. Even after every second effeminate hipster and aims to be fashionable and at the same time at no one like the lady made them their daily attribute. For us suspenders – attribute bankers, accountants, lumberjacks, tap dancing and classy men who are not pushed to extremes.

Various mentions of braces date back to the times of the French revolution. The first person, which is related to the invention of suspenders in the form in which we know them, is considered to be London tailor albert Thurston. With his light hand this accessory since 1822 finds its place in the wardrobes of aristocratic circles in the UK.But the American mark TWAIN to endure them and could not have invented and patented a small elastic strap in the shape of a butterfly that clung to his back or belt and pulls the two sides, though the shirt though the pants.

In 1894 the first patented suspenders clips on (first is attached to the button on the waistband with leather buckles).

The decline of the era of facelifts occurred in the late 30-ies, when to replace them almost everywhere came the straps. But already in the postwar period, there was a new round of popularity, all thanks to subcultures (which at the same time introduced in Vogue coats and bibs). Only suspenders look more proletarian and, therefore, were worn by everyone, from the snobs to the mods like the poor punks and skinheads.

How to choose

    Traditionally there are three forms of braces: H-shaped, Y-shaped and X-shaped. The first is almost impossible to find in our violent world. The most common and convenient are still Y-shaped. If you bear weight and a great physique, then the best option would be X-like, because the straps are much wider.

    Regarding size, it is possible not to worry. This early braces were made to the exact dimensions, they now have one standard length that is adjustable. But the width of the straps to adjust will fail, so remember: you must consider the waist size and shoulder width, choosing the straps of a particular width.

Than slimmer figure, the thinner can be the width of the straps. Braces should not distort the proportions of the body and to put the emphasis on not the most attractive parts. But all of this is recognized only in the process of fitting.

As for color, classic clothing is best to choose dark blue, blue or black suspenders. And it would be great if they were combined with the shoes and tie. A typical working set of braces that match the color with the costume. Suspenders pattern combine with a plain shirt and Vice versa, monochrome suspenders is most advantageous will look on the shirt with a small print.

Many people think that these braces are made of rubber. But do not confuse them with condoms. Classic suspenders – dense material such as felt, and smooth on the front side of the cloth. In the modern version it is made from synthetic fibres that are drawn better. In addition, the lift is goat skin (white, brown and black colors), white catgut, folded leather, silk, natural and artificial.

Suspenders come in textile with rubber inserts denim, Boxing and moire. In fact, there are no requirements to the material, the main thing that was more reliable and combined (see above). Take into account the season: in winter, of course, you can use braces brushed fabrics for a summer option with shorts – it is better to take silk, which is not only moderately thin, light, but also effectively relates to clothing made from any other materials.A small fact about the suspenders. They are much the belt, at least better cope with its function to keep you from disgrace with his pants down in front of a crowd of people, which is important: if a belt at the waist shirt can crawl out of his pants, the suspenders will not happen. As a bonus: braces hide a distinct lack of crunches and not emphasize it. So no need to call them empty showing off.

And braces very comfortable to wear full people, because with their help you can adjust the height of the waist. And those who strap constantly pushes to be nicer to switch to suspenders. By the way, those wearing braces, there is never a shameful embarrassment like lightning travels opposite causal space.

How to wear


First of all you need to remember that braces is an alternative to a belt, if you’re comfortable, the strap wrapped over his shoulder. So wearing them together is a luxury.

With jeans and t-shirt suspenders are also worn. And if suspenders with jeans have become commonplace, suspenders with t-shirt is risky. Be on the alert, not everyone will understand it as a jacket with sneakers or sneakers.

There are special pants with leather mounts that are exclusively stitched to be worn with suspenders, that is to wear them with a belt is wrong, not Christian and not God – like curl of Imam pasiki. Two buttons in the back and 4 in front. For classic pants to sew buttons on the inside, but for jeans, they can sew outside. They are not difficult to understand, needed to attach this fashionable accessory. If everything is attached correctly, then the main fold of the pants looks simple and unobtrusive. As for the front pleats, it remains clear from the pressed line.

In General, such braces, a lot of hemorrhoids. You need to choose the right pants and jeans which needs to be wider in the waist and that the buttons should be placed in the correct location, otherwise the braces will constantly slip off and nervous, so it’s easier to choose suspenders clips on.

Although, it is believed that the clip is not bad, and absolutely not worthy of a gentleman. So, the leather mount looks nice, elegantly, while the clips sometimes smacks of childishness. But no one will spit at you if you refuse to sew pants extra buttons. Of course, the option of mounts from the skin of a classic, but you need to look for convenience.

Especially the leather must be combined with a Shoe, then as the clips go with everything, even women’s heels.

In ancient times, braces were considered underwear, and underwear to show how something indecent. Suffice it to recall movies about the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century: all the workers were in suspenders and hats. So, in this regard, it was considered extremely vulgar to parade them. But now flaunting with naked braces is considered absolutely normal, and it’s all thanks to the Americans. The fact that the American business suit meant for a wearing vest, who actually served as a cover «underwear», but somewhere in the late 40’s-early 50’s popularity at three-piece suits has fallen sharply, the vest left the closet, and no one saw the moment when to wear braces openly, it has become something taken for granted.

It is worth noting one important and very convincing «BUT». Famous fashion designers and Stilyagi henchmen are increasingly saying that the rule in wearing suspenders, you need to follow only if you wear classic apparel. In other cases, valid the good old principle: rules are meant to be broken. So you can indulge in crazy combinations and a riot of flowers even if they contrast with the color of the shirt. The latest fashion villains combine suspenders with socks.

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