Survivor Multi-Tool — shovel for those who want to survive


Multitool — matter is interesting, its constantly spin in some cool form. This scarab, just a knife with a flashlight. The receptacle of the multitool can be anything, for example the good old sapper shovel. Why the world and the movie constantly sidesteps this cool device, as sapper shovel, side, what is this injustice, right? Sapper shovel can be no worse than a machete to beat over the heads of Pruszcz from all cracks of the living dead. Another thing is that the shovel does not look very strict and a bit childish. By the way, this shovel can boast of rich functionality. First, it can perform the function of the blade. Unexpectedly, right? Secondly, it can be used as an axe and saw, not very comfortable, but okay. It can be used as pliers and the bottle opener. Inside the pen in a special cavity you will find a compass, a coil of fishing line, several hooks, nails, floats, special matches and an excellent knife. Excellent functionality, I believe.

You can buy at a price of $ 21 on Amazon.

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