Survive until dawn. How to entertain a friend on a winter vacation

Ahead of the long winter holiday, which personally I think I’ll get tired. Maybe I’m a workaholic, but I absolutely do not understand how so you can rest? This is done in order that the Russians began to want to work again and again? to the rescue again to keep you soft in the holidays together with your woman, began to dream about work, and spent time with advantage and fun. Take a pencil, man, in this article, I’ll tell you some great ideas on what to do together with the beloved in these winter vacations. All this, of course, can be done alone or with friends, so forever alone, this article is for you.

1. Bike ride

If your edges do not indulge you in fluffy snow, you can take a bike and ride around the city or the suburbs. If you have a little experience and stamina you can go with my girlfriend for a bike ride in the area or region: the cool form of relaxation. Even if your neck of the woods the snow still makes sense to take the bike and the additional load on the muscles due to snow cover — a kind of challenge. Of course, if your girlfriend mind. To hire a bike right now.

2. Cook something together

Even sound too cheesy, but it really is a fantastic way to spend time together, and then with an appetite to eat what you have prepared. Then you can always tell someone what you cook, even if all you do in the cooking process is cleaning the carrot. The girl will probably brag to her friends that you cooked together, and it will automatically lift you not fucking height of the slope. «What guy she grabbed yourself!» so tell her girlfriends. And why? Because a man cooking is not beneath one’s dignity; the best chefs are men (and the best cooks are women). Here’s a double standard, man. By the way, you can make this simply awesome cheesecake with pasta.

3. To go to the gym

Going together to the gym, I can tell you from personal experience, a great way to strengthen relationships. You know why? Because you will hang out, something to talk about and common interests. People like minded with them immediately feel a specific the intimacy. A joint trip to the gym is a reason to lose the extra pounds that have been recruited by the salad Olivier and herring under a fur coat. And it is this mutual motivation: she sways and gets better, you look at her and want to fit in.

4. To go to the theater

As someone who once fell asleep in the theater, I can say that I have a dual attitude. On the one hand, I really like some of the classic productions. On the other hand, to get to Frank Arthouse (in fact, I treat it normally) not what I want. Last year we went to «Inspector». The play took place in an unexpected scenery… in a submarine. Despite the fact that the course still chic, the authors were unable to force the setting to be original and interesting, so I’m warning you to be aware of.

5. To go on a trip to the local plant something there

Why I personally since high school loved to go on trips to various factories and not nyamka nyamka. Factories specific reigns and the atmosphere is fun, futuristic flasks brewed some brew, around pipes, different sounds, people in bathrobes. It’s cool! And then the indispensable tasting of wines, cheeses, sausages, teas, and even some garbage, and the whole day busy.

6. To play «What? Where? When?»

In many clubs next to the «Mafia» tournaments are held in the old Russian game «What? Where? When?». I personally like it much more than «Mafia». After the game you realize that you know even less than previously thought.


7. To play table tennis

Table tennis is a great game for two. Of course, the girls played very badly, especially bad they are when doing it the first time. But you get an incredible sense of mentorship, which is no substitute. To teach someone is always nice, even more nice to watch someone teach you, something begins to happen.

8. Bowling

Continuing the theme of with mobile games. During the winter holidays, there are many different suggestions like «Pay for two hours and the third will get a gift», use them! Bowling is a great way to occupy their free time, to compete and engage in physical activity. Remember the desire to mentor girls and teach her to play bowling: it’s nice to teach someone. Especially if that someone is not perfect.

9. Assemble the puzzle

Once we wrote about how intolerable jigsaw, that is the best way to ruin a weekend and all. But I’m still a little exaggerated. If the puzzle is not monstrous big picture perfect blue sky, to gather his pleasant. It develops patience, makes you focus, teaches to work in team and helps to experience a lot of pain over the seat in an uncomfortable position for hours.

10. The trip to the amusement Park

A trip on the Ferris wheel will be a pleasant childhood memory. When you rode it last? I too thought it was the essence of bullshit: you slowly revolve at a great height and all. But in fact, you can get a portion of new sensations from the scrutiny of familiar landscapes under unexpected angle. In addition to the Ferris wheel, there are these crazy hills with a different number of loops, sharp turns and falls from a great height. If you don’t visit them every weekend, they can make you a couple of times to postpone the extra brick. Last time during my stay in St. Petersburg, the wife dragged me to a roller coaster on Krestovsky island. I thought that I was at high speed stretch, a couple of times will change, and all, just a slight impression. Before the ride I was a long time ago, not in school. After our train crawled up the hill and I saw the amusement Park with a decent height, I recognized that was sadly mistaken. Then the truck with us had fallen from a great height almost at right angles, spun, spun, made a loop and brought me back on solid ground. What is my feeling? I feel like I’ve lost my nostrils from all sides! But it was cool.

11. To review a bunch of movies EN masse

I remember we had an article about a movie night? The same can be done at home. To watch all parts of die hard, Rambo, Terminator, Lord of the rings or something. The main thing that it was not «Twilight» or something like that.

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