Survival without water and electricity know this horrible feeling? This is an amazing and unforgettable feeling of helplessness and disgust. That’s what you feel in the first hours after the disconnection of water and light. By the way, not always planned. Yes, you are incredibly steep, if you have a water heater or a cooler with hot water, but the meager light from the shivering flame of a candle is unlikely to save you from a lack of electricity.

Often you don’t know how long all of this. Just sit in the dark and wait. By the way, have you noticed that as soon as the light is turned off, immediately want to eat something fried or hot tea? But a lot of time to sit still does not work, if you want to survive, you have to act, and it is best to prepare in advance.

1. Heat

If you are faced with unforeseen circumstances and the next few hours or days you will need to «survive», it is most necessary that you need — shelter, water, fire, food, first aid and means of self-defense. Maybe in a different sequence, but the importance of all these components cannot be overemphasized.

First you have to arrange housing. No electricity or water to make it a little harder. You have to keep your house warm, to keep warm. In this you can help wood-burning fireplaces, portable kerosene and propane heaters.

Kerosene heater you can buy somewhere over three thousand. You don’t need SuperCool unit. Come down and quite a good average heater. He does not waste much kerosene, so that it will last a long time. For a few hours such a heater will fully heat the room and, of course, will keep you warm.


The propane heater will cost a bit more, but he will cope not worse than the first, and most importantly — have plenty of fuel.


Wood burning fireplace you can buy, ranging from 10 thousand rubles. If you have enough wood and you’re not afraid to start a fire, then choose this option. This fireplace can boil water and even cook something edible with a special detergent.


Gather your friends in your warm room, let them not forget to take sleeping bags. Now you have a place to spend the night.

2. Water


You already know that the water in your house can be lost every day, so be prepared. You must have a bunch of empty plastic bottles, and if not, then start bringing them today. Of course, you can buy a special container, but why spend extra?

For starters clean bottle brush and detergent. Then rinse thoroughly with running water. Now, in every type of cold water, cover and put in a dark place. Upgrade water supply every six months.

3. Fire


As we have said, this can help a wood burning stove. It is not only warm, but also give enough fire on which to cook food or to warm the water.

You can still use the BBQ. Perhaps now is not the time to throw a BBQ party, but this thing will help you to fit the fire so don’t hide it away.

4. Food



Keep it simple — at the supermarket, stock up with plenty of instant noodles, perhaps it is bichpaket will save your life. Also download kitchen shelves with canned goods and various finished products.

If things get too far, don’t be afraid to go hunting or fishing, we’ve already talked about how to handle the carcass of a slain animal.

5. Finally


Gather in the medicine Cabinet all the necessary medicines. Don’t forget the bandages and wet wipes. It is too late, at least learn to catch fish or kill wild pigeons.

Supply of quality alcohol and fun games — you and your friends will need something to fill those boring days.

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