Surfboards from Mercedes


Not long ago, the creative advertising Agency BBDO, with the support of engineers from Mercedes, created specially for the famous American surfer Garrett McNamara a unique Board, which he called «Silver arrow sea» (Silver Arrow of the Seas). The reason for the creation of the surfboard was a world record, which established the Harriet, having conquered 78-foot wave (about 23 metres) in nazaré (Portugal). Thanks to this record the guy’s name adorns the Guinness Book of records.

And to inspire the athlete to greater achievements, the company Mercedes Benz has developed a total of four instance of «smart» surfboards made of composite materials, each of which has a telemetry system capable of measuring the results of Catania. The same is equipped with sensors and wetsuit. Needless to say, the design and style of the Board is at the highest level and fits perfectly into the concept of the brand Mercedes: gray-black color, sleek predatory shape, logo.

The idea of issuing sports equipment for ekstremalov was a success, therefore it was created the next model of the boards is almost entirely made of Portuguese cork. There is no much information about the new Board the Mercedes is not reported, saying only that it is an improved version of the «Silver Arrow of the Seas», in which McNamara last year was able to reach speeds of 62.4 km/h.

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