Superman retired

Stories about Superman for many years, man, but it is fresh, although the super-expensive really strange looks among the modern heroes in his blue tights.

Suddenly it became clear that in the new comics Clark Kent will quit the newspaper, in which he served for so many years. This crazy news told the world of comics author Scott Lobdell. Clark worked at The Daily Planet for almost 70 years.

What is the problem?

Superman, like a real good guy, turned down the job of a reporter because he was not satisfied with the situation of journalism in the XXI century. Nowadays every major publishing house is turning into a tabloid, where only prowl in search of sensations.

As Clark wrote little about Superman (he is humble bro), the new editor makes him an earful. The strongest flying man in the world does not want to tolerate this state of Affairs goes out of business.

It is believed that Superman becomes a blogger or open my own publishing company with blackjack and courtesans.

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